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An Introductory Tale
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Talking An Introductory Tale

Greetings, To All & Sundry,

I wanted to introduce myself to the Community and tell you the tale of my Born Again Conversion of WH40K. I am an old hand at gaming, both Tabletop and Online, for a quarter of a century. Long ago, I used to see WH40K being played at the various game stores I would play Shadowrun, AD&D2nd, or BattleTech. The top Trinity of my gaming universe for a very long time, and I still play BattleTech and Shadowrun, both tabletop and virtual.

About three months ago I actually played WH40K Spacemarine on the Steam account of a friend of mine while visiting for a weekend. Then my interest got piqued and I visited various websites and reading up on the entire genre. For me, it is always the storyline and gaming universe that gets me engaged, and devoted to playing it. This is so for all games that I play.

I am not ashamed to say it, yall. I fell in love. Everything about WH40K has my imagination afire; the artwork, the possibilites for play, both online and tabltop, and the storyline... Just knocks the back of my skull wide open !!! I am now a WH40K cultist. I even have a favorite faction, and subclass that I am dedicated to. Being a combat veteran of the U.S. Cavalry, I have decided to focus on the Space Marines as my faction, but particulary the Blood Angels. In the last three months I have bought the Core rulebooks, a number of miniatures, and a few odds and end for tabletop. I have also bought WH40K Space Marine with all the DLC on Steam, and just signed up for WH40K Eternal Crusade alpha as well. All of the events of the last 90 days led me here to your door.

In most games I play I am known as Nekhron Kirov, but not here. For WH40K, in all of its various incarnations, I am Nekhron Sanguinolentus. I am pleased to meet you all and I look forward to many hours of gaming bliss. Pleased feel free to friend me, you can reach me at Google+, or at my email address.

Good hunting & Best Regards
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