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New to Tau Online and list help
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Kroot Shaper
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Default New to Tau Online and list help

New to Tau online and 40K as i have taken a break from 5th edition and played somewhat into early 6th and coming back into it. In those days i played A̶s̶t̶r̶a̶ ̶M̶i̶l̶i̶t̶a̶r̶u̶m̶ Imperial Guard and Necrons, starting a "Vehicle-less" Tau army (Only non AV units) This is my current list as is: (all the models i own and/or are currently converting)

HQ - Fire Blade - 50pts
HQ - Etheral - 60pts

Troop - 12 Fire Warriors - Shas'Ui with Marker/target lock - 133pts
Troop - 12 Fire Warriors - Shas'Ui with Marker/target lock - 133pts
Troop - 12 Fire Warriors - Shas'Ui with Marker/target lock - 133pts

Elites - 6 Stealth suits - Shas'vre - 2 Fusion Blasters - Homing Beacon - 205pts
Elites - 2 Crisis Suits - Shas'vre - 2 Plasma Rifle - 2 Missile Pod - 2 Shield Generator - 144pts

Fast Attack - 8 Pathfinders - 88pts
Fast Attack - 10 Vespid - Strain Leader - 180pts

Heavy - Sniper Drone Team - 9 Sniper Drones - 2 Marksmen - 161pts

1287 pts

Those are all the models i own, and i am currently making my army larger (of course especially in suits) but how should i outfit my suits, specifically? Is there a 1 size fits all customization or should i go magnetic for all the weapons to change it up as needed?
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Hello! Welcome to Tau Online! We're a dead forum with no moderators and few members, but I'll do my best to give help where I can. So let's get straight to the help!

1300 points (the next closest rounded point level to what you have) is a really random number and you'll probably never see it. 1250 is possible, but 1000 is even more common so you should aim for one of those point values. My recommendation is to go for 1000 points; a common mistake of new Tau players is just to continue to throw more and more expensive gear onto their models until they reach the higher point values, but in the end most of this gear is just not going to be as useful as having the right models geared properly.

Speaking of gear, I am a strong advocate for magnets. Tau battlesuits are going to be a force within the Tau empire forever, but their gear will change based on the meta. For example, 5th edition (specifically a famous internet player named Kirby) made the plasma + missile pod suit famous as the best possible build (this was absolutely false... but I digress), then the new book came out in 6th edition and suddenly we were allowed to take 2 of the same weapons and everything changed. Now everyone takes 2 of the same weapon, 2 plasma rifles, 2 fusion blasters, 2 missiles, etc. and which weapons people are taking in pairs changes as new enemy books come out (2 burst cannons is really popular right now because of horde armies growing in popularity, likewise 2 fusion blasters is super popular for anti-tank). I'm sure it will change again in the future, so be ready for that change with magnets.

I personally like the follow designs of suit teams:
3x 6 plasma suits
3x 6 missile suits
3x 6 burst cannon suits (with ATS if point are available)
2x 2 fusion blasters
1x 2 fusion blasters
1x 2 missile pods (for Farsight Enclave lists which make battlesuits scoring so you can make super tiny 1 man units and hide them completely from enemy shooting)

For this list specifically, since you're basically running a gunline made entirely of 'light' firepower, I think you need some anti-tank to slow down incoming transports and take out backfield threats... so 2 units of single fusion suits, or a pair of missile suits to sit in your back field would probably give you the best coverage for those weaker areas in your list. No support systems required, especially not shield generators, they are just too expensive.

Vespid are seen as arguably the worst unit in our book (the sunshark is actually worse because it basically can't do anything anymore... but vespid are pretty bad), they are really expensive and really fragile and don't synthesize well with the rest of a Tau army.

Conversely, your sniper drones are probably one of your best if not your best units. Give them the Ethereal to keep him safe with their potential 2+ cover save and his buff to their shooting, and just go to town on everything everywhere always.

At lower points (if not always) taking a squad leader is too many points for too little bonus. Plus those markerlights that you are getting from your fire warrior teams just aren't necessary with all the other lights you already have in this list.

Your list would end up looking something like this (though I didn't bother checking the points):

6 stealth suits with 2 fusion blasters (though burst cannons are probably more effective)

Crisis suit with 2 fusion blasters

Crisis suit with 2 fusion blasters

12 Fire warriors

12 Fire Warriors

12 Fire Warriors

Fast attack:
8 pathfinders

Heavy support:
9 sniper drones with 2 marksmen

As a side note fire warriors are going to miss their devilfish in your list's future. Against newer players gunlines work great, but the more advanced your games get the harder it is to just overwhelm your enemies before they reach your line so mobility starts to rule the day.
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Welcome to tau online friend and hopefully you have a great time viewing and getting the help of everyone here, as for your list carellio's view is pretty accurate stick with that.
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