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A new Shas'la
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Old 28 Sep 2005, 03:45   #1 (permalink)
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Default A new Shas'la

Hey! Im new to Tau online and am starting out my own army of Tau and would servingly die for them.(coughnotrealycough)I hope i injoy my stay here and get to know many of you!
Also sorry for posting in the wrong place i got bumped by my neice and clicked the wrong place. ;D
Started as of March 4th

Tau {to be named} Victories
Win:5 Lose:4 Tie:2

Consider it a success if you can talk a Khorne Berserker out of taking your skull at the first instant he meets you

(loads plasma rifle) BANG!

Oh look, he understood me. =D -Faolin

I could almost see that.
Like if a few Tau went off and they were found and brainwashed and what not. Then, they are made into Tau Marine things. That would be crazy. "And they shall know no close combat skills"~ Xv15 Stealth
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Default Re: A new Shas'la

There is an introduce yourself forum, this belongs there not here.

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Default Re: A new Shas'la

But welcome anyways!

Be nice Vash... or out comes the cattle prod.
Tau: 24 Wins - 4 Ties - 2 Loss

I'm right behind you!

Never look back at what you have done. If you do you might not see the tree in front of you.
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Default Re: A new Shas'la

Moved/Merged/Fixed whatever.

Welcome aboard

Have a look at the 'Important Topics' Sticky in the Tau board, and read the introductory topics, that should get you started
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