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Hi everone am on here for one reason.......advice on how to kick the shoulder guards off oF ravenwing terminators and the deep strike rules whilst also playing against an imperial guard army heavy on lare blast. I am of course tau and have a fierce reputation but am gradually loosing more and more. Please help
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Hello, welcome to TO. I can't comment on blast guard since I don't fight them often enough to give you a concrete startegy other than to just lay low in line of sight blocking cover and take down those blast templates as fast as possible with your long ranged weaponry, highly mobile models, and deepstrikers.

Deepstriking terminators though, are eeeeeasy! Deep strike is fast once. I advise you to shift your style to a mobile style of play with multiple jump-shoot-jump units and maybe even some devilfish. Deploy exactly like you would against an iron rain (all drop pod) marine list, by spacing out units all the way along the line of your deployment zone (so that there's no focal point to your force). If he brings down all his terminators in one spot, you'll only lose the units in that localized area, the rest then play keep away and whittle down his force through superior mobility. If instead he drops his units all the way along the length of your deployment zone, then he won't have the force to wipe out your units, regroup everything that survives (it will be most of your army) and then punish him for having failed to kill you in a single turn (impossible)... and then go back to playing keep away with the survivors who you will out maneuver.
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