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Talking Aun'y'he

Hello I'm Roze, and I've started my new Tau army for christmas but I wanted to be unique. As its my first army it doesn't really follow any set command, or well known sept. This is just me having fun and getting to know the game before I start the hard core stuff. Luckily I have a very nice local workshop that is allowing me to use a custom Ethereal under the expectations that she has exactly ethereal abilities/skill/stats, first on an ethereal base and has actual Tau parts.

Aun'y'he backstory
Narrator: "She wasn't meant to be born. In a world so strict and honor bound mistakes didn't happen. "Slip ups" Where met with quick death or worse. The Castes didn't mix, and no one ever broke the rules. It was a perfect society for the grater-"

The Tau are far from perfect though they try, so that's how I came to be. HI!! My name is M'yen'el, for those that don't speak Tau that means "unexpected noble". I'm the daughter of an Ethereal, but as my name says it was clear no one expected me. From the way I'm treated no one wanted me either. That was until I met Oy'he, at least that's what I call him. You see Tyranids come in diverse forms, each individual having been engineered to fulfill a specific role. You have to understand that to under Oy'he and myself.

Let me start at the beginning.... As I said before, no one wanted me. I could go several Kai'rotaa at a time and never once be looked in on. So I found an side trader and got a ride to N'dras. I wanted to see what the big deal was, but when I got there nothing. The planet was entirely barren, it was as if something had sucked all life off and just left a lump of rock. I had tried to find some type of old city to try and discover the fate since there were nothing on my studies on it. However I found nothing, that was until I was heading back to my ship... then I found the hatchery. Apparently a Tyaraid hive had left a new type of a commander. He could learn, he could think, he couldn't speak but he could communicate. I remember he stumbled coming out of his egg, he was bipedel and look some what like a Tau save the four glowing eyes and the exoskeleton. When he touched me I screamed in fear and I could see the hurt in his eyes. He was trying to learn not destory... he let me go... or so I thought. I found a total of seven rippers in my things when I got back to the academy. I slowly learned to control with them and it was almost a full Tau'cyr before I realized their master was coming. By then it was too late and he was on the planet with his hive devouring everything... I tried to sacrifice myself to make him stop, I thought he just wanted the rippers back I didn't realize how entirely wrong I was. He let me live, he wanted me to convey his will to the rest of the Tau. Through me this hive of Tyanid now speak...

Please leave comments and thoughts and remember this is just a back story and does not have any effect on actual game play. M'yen'el is played just like any other ethereal, and the tyranid arm that works with her is my husbands army. I just thought this story would add more to it.
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Neat, it's got a very Starcrafty Zerg vibe to it.
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Originally Posted by Carrelio View Post
Neat, it's got a very Starcrafty Zerg vibe to it.
Thanks!!! To be fair the first time he explained warhammer to me he was using Zerg refrances. I wasn't trying to do a Kerigan thing though I did joke about using her as my M'yen'el just give her little Tau weapons and stuff lol. Thanks though I didn't realize my wrighting was so on point with blizzard. AWESOME!!
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