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New person introduction
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Kroot Warrior
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Default New person introduction

Hey there world, total newbie here.

My name is HashinVentrue. I've recently been introduced to warhammer 40k and, more specifically, the Tau. I'm going to start my army set within the next week but I found a lot of useful/interesting information here on the forums. I'm looking to get a Battleset and maybe a Fireblade or two just to start off. The second Battleset might be fun, but I think my Christmas time will be spent painting the first set.

I he to post pictures of my paintings, maybe even for you all to laugh at, but mainly help with my artistic skills.

I am completely new to this game, so I might be posting some, well, rather embarrassingly simple questions but I intend to learn from my mistakes and your knowledge.

Thank you all in advance, for your help, support, and jokes at my expense.

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The battleforce is by far the best option for beginning players, and makes a perfect first and section purchase. I highly recommend you buy 2 of them and applaud that you've figured this out for yourself.
Looking forward to seeing the army come together.
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Kroot Warrior
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I just started to, my man plays Tyranid and told me to read all about the different factions then pick. I ended up with Tau and actually really like them, I already started painting and don't worry yours cant be any worse then me.
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