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Grey Knights dealing with tanks
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Default Grey Knights dealing with tanks

Hey guys, first a little about me since its my first post and I don't want you to think your post is going to waste.

I have been a 40k fan since the release of the release of Dawn of War 1. I'm up to date on almost all fluff as I read the novels, codex's and rulebooks.

I really have only played maybe 4 games using demo army's as when I got into the hobby I was young and didn't have any money. Now I do have the money to start up a army and I wanted to get started with Knights since they just came out in plastic.

I know pretty much all the rules since my friends play and I have been through the rule book many times.

Great now on to the questions.

First off looking through Codex: Grey Knights I only notice a few good tank killers: Dread Knight, Dreadnought, Vindicare and the Storm Raven.

I don't Know if I want to take a Dread Knight because im starting at 1000 Pts and it would just be a massive target. (same goes for Dreadnought, but i'm leaning towards it just because people are less impressed by them)

The Assassin is uber in my opinion, just plop it in cover and watch things die, im most likely going to take one.

The Storm Raven is way too pricey for 12 armor in a 1000pts list.

This leaves one option that I really didnt notice until a GW employee pointed it out to me. Anyone in a squad can take a daemon hammer, doubling their Str to 8, then also using Hammerhand giving str 9. (you could use a librarian using his hammerhand to give str 10 to a hammer user, then use Might of Titan giving all other members of the squad str 7 and roll 2 d6 for armor pen).

The problem I'm having is I don't really think I want to take a Librarian because I want the ability to have at least 1 unit thats not a troops choice capture objectives, the other problem I'm having and actually the whole reason i'm posting this is I feel only a idiot would let his tank get caught in close combat.

What would you do to get around this? Since I cant assault when I deep strike and will be in perfect formation to get a template on my head.
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Hammerhand is applied before the daemon hammer, so a strength 4 grey knight with hammerhand and a daemon hammer would have strength 10.

If you give the grand strategy scout special rule to a few dreadknights with personal teleporters or interceptors with daemon hammers then you can get them into close combat in the first phase! then you can follow up in round 2 with deep strikers and transport.

If your opponent goes first though, you could need 4+ or 6+ to hit moving vehicles in close combat so I would recommend not going all out on cc units and taking some shooty guys too.

Here are my opinions of some of the units you're considering:

Assassins: I personally don't care much for them; they die too easily in my experience.

Dreadnoughts: They're nice with twin-linked autocannons and psybolts but are too pricey in my opinion.

Dreadknights: These guys may be high profile but with 4 wounds; a 2+ and 5+ inv saving throw and immunity to instant death they should be pretty tough. remember with monstrous creature they get 2 d6 for armor penetration so thats pretty much 4 or 5 penetrating hits. I'm going to use this guy to try to take out the biggest tank/object on turn 1

If you're taking an inquisitor then another thing you can do is throw some servitors in a chimera. that's 11 multi-meltas or plasma cannons

and of course, you always have you purgation squads - GREAT for taking out transport and and light armor infantry!

if you have a grand master with servo skulls and give your inquisitor psychic communion and servo-skulls then you can deep strike in round 2 on a 2+ and should only have to scatter with 1 die.

well, i need to get some sleep so i hope something in there was helpful. best of luck with your army!


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I'm a Tau player and have played against grey knights only once but will give some things I noticed. The assassin I was unimpressed with, I used my hammerhead's burst cannons and some light support that had nothing else to fire at and took out my opponents assassin in round 1. One tactic he used was a land raider with some kind of swoopy terminators to try using terrain and the tank to pin my armor down so they could assault and eliminate them. Unfortunately he missed my armor has sensor spines so I just went through the terrain and opened up on him from range. Hope you can get something of value from my limited grey knight fighting experience.
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One possibility is to load up a Dreadnought with Autocannons and give it Psybolt Ammunition. It's equivalent of 4 krak missiles (don't forget that they're twin-linked!) and the psychic power Fortitude means that the guns will rarely be silent. Since the rest of your army excels at close combat, the loss of the doomfist is acceptable. This load-out is also very cheap, costing as much as a bare-bones Dreadknight.

The drawback of relying on it to tank-hunt is that it's not that sturdy and it has trouble with AV 14, but you shouldn't run into that too often in 1000 points (unless you're fighting Imperial Guard).

I would strongly recommend against relying solely on close combat to tank hunt, since a mobile vehicle can be nearly impossible to hit. Have a few Daemonhammers or melta bombs in your army (and remember your krak grenades), but include ranged anti-tank weaponry as well.

If you're taking an inquisitor then another thing you can do is throw some servitors in a chimera. that's 11 multi-meltas or plasma cannons
More like 3. Plus, Multi-Meltas are Heavy and have really short range, so you'll probably never be able to use them properly and Plasma Cannons can't reliably hurt AV13 or even touch AV14. Jokaero are much better tank-hunters since they come with Lascannons and can improve the weapons and armor of the squad.

Dreadknights: These guys may be high profile but with 4 wounds; a 2+ and 5+ inv saving throw and immunity to instant death they should be pretty tough. remember with monstrous creature they get 2 d6 for armor penetration so thats pretty much 4 or 5 penetrating hits. I'm going to use this guy to try to take out the biggest tank/object on turn 1
They're not actually immune to instant death, it's just that you need special rules rather than a high Strength attack to do it. Force weapons, for example. Also, the average penetration roll for a Dreadknight's Doomfist is 13 (it doesn't double the strength because it's not a walker, check the FAQ and Errata), so don't bet on all those penetrating hits if you're up against the tougher tanks. Also, it relies on close combat and doesn't have improved speed (if it does, it's ridiculously expensive!) so it'll have trouble against mobile vehicles. Dreadknights are NOT tank-hunters; they're passable at it, but they really excel at fighting Monstrous Creatures and heavy infantry.

The Vindicare is a bit expensive for 1000 points and will be an extremely high-priority target. Plus, he's better used removing upgrade characters and special weapon carriers than tank-hunting.

You're right about the Stormraven being a bit expensive for a 1000-point battle, but getting one is one of the best ways to expand your army. Flying around the battlefield with a multi-melta and assault cannon firing at different targets, depositing squads behind tanks to hit their rear armor (and then assaulting it, too) makes the Stormraven a superb transport and tank-hunter. You could also get lascannons instead of assault cannons, but considering the Stormraven's mobility and the assault cannon's versatility, I wouldn't recommend it. If you need even more anti-tank, however, it's worth the swap.

Consider taking a Librarian with Warp Rift, as it automatically penetrates any vehicle it hits (the template range can be mitigated by deep strike). Vortex of Doom can also be very useful due to its maximized Strength and AP, but unless you have a Servo Skull nearby a Scatter result can easily cause a miss or half-strength. It's also extremely dangerous, especially if the Librarian just arrived with a squad via Deep Strike since a botched roll could wipe them all out.

Finally, keep in mind that deep striking is an excellent way to get the rear arc of a vehicle and that Psycannons will then tear said vehicle a new exhaust port. Use teleport homers (such as on a Stormraven or Librarian) and Servo Skulls to help make accurate insertions.

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Use the librarian character (name begins with an m) to deep strike near tanks, then use one of his psychic abilities to summon over a dread knight. The character and his ghost terminators are unlikely to fall to a mere turns shooting (and he gets a new terminator for every wound he takes) and dreadknights are durable enough to lats long enough to survive reprisal. You can also deep strike more terminators to within 6 of the librarian with near impunity using teleport homers.

The dread knight can teleport 12 each turn or 30 once per game and assualt after the 12 inch moves (He's jump infantry basicaly) so he can chase down any tanks that flee. The librarian can assault tanks and cast hammerhand as he does so, tearing them a new one.
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Every single GK unit can be an amazing tank killer. Every squad should be taking a psycannon, and those psycannons pump out so many rending shots that you really cannot fail. If you are struggling to pop tanks as a grey knight, you need more psycannons (may I suggest 10 man purifier squads with 4 psycannons?).
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I'm a grey knight player and there is one model everyone has forgotten that can be a tank- hunter and its a Techmarine. They can carry a conversion beam which the longer the distance the stronger it is and the models only 90 points and the beam is about 30 points
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