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Daemonhunter's army plan. any thoughts?
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Arrow Daemonhunter's army plan. any thoughts?

Hi all, I'm planning on getting some daemonhunters soon and I'm not completely sure how to set out my army. This is a basic idea of what its going to be like:

HQ: Grey Knight grand master, I'm hoping for a mostly grey knights army (with some other things thrown in) so I thought I should get a Grand Master.

Elites:Grey Knights dreadnaught, A bit of armoued firepower would come in very handy. I'm not sure what weapon to give it.

Troop(s):two squads of grey knights, not too big to make my army flexable.

Troop: Allied guardsmen, I looked in the daemonhunters codex and I noticed you could take these guys. I want this because my army will end up being quite small and I want to add these guys to give my army a bit of bulk.

Equipment/wargear advice is what I'm looking for mostly so if you have anything to say, I'm listening.
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I personally like the Storm Troopers troops choice. Pretty flexible for the cost I'd say. Also I took those metal Cadian (Karskin??? name slipping my mind) and used those instead of the older Storm Trooper models.
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Should probably wait and see what the new Grey Knights codex will have. Should be out next month. If you you go to bellsoflostsouls.net now you can see a list of some of the new proposed rules for some of their gear.
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grey knights

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