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The Inquisitor's role
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Default The Inquisitor's role

I am planning to field one or more of the DH options that require an Inquisitor to be present, and was planning to take the cheap elite fellow in order to make that happen. No reason he should sit around being an easy kill point though... how do you guys usually kit out your inquisitor when you take one? Should I give him a retinue, or better to put him with some stormtroopers?
Thanks for the advice
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Default Re: The Inquisitor's role

One way I've heard to keep an Inquisitor cheap but still effective is Terminator armour and a Psycannon, so he can still move and use that 36' range.

If you want to stick him with something though, it's quite viable to work out a nice firebase with a retinue, some warriors/servitor henchmen.

You could give them all melta, stick them in a Rhino and go tank hunting as well if you feel like it. Alternatively, give them some flamers, put them in a chimera with 2 heavy flamers for some template-y burny hot death!

The main point though with an inquisitor and his henchmen is to give them a job, and kit them all out to complete that job effectively, if your not sure what you want them to do, you could look at what your army is lacking and see if the inquisitor and his retinue could fullfil that role instead.

On the note of putting an inquisitor with some stormtroopers, I'd never thought of that before... but you could do the psycannon/termi armour loadout and stick him with some grenade launchers or something to add a bit of firepower.
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Default Re: The Inquisitor's role

A good cheap-ish inquisitor that i tend to run has a psychic hood, bolter, and 3 heavy bolter gun servitors. Fills a good fire support role and doesn't draw too much attention.
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Default Re: The Inquisitor's role

Sorry for the late post.

I have three primary kits for my Inquisitor. The first is a Bolter, Targeter, and melta bombs. He's cheap, allows me to premeasure, unlocks the Eversor Assassin and runs with my Storm Troopers. The Second kits is just an Inquisitor with an Incinerator. Once again, I stick him in a unit, then watch him go berserk as he immolates anything w/ a 4+ save or less. The last is Inquisitor + Psycannon, psychic hood, 3 heavy bolter servitors and whatever other fixings you like.
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