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Ctan Phase Sword!
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Default Re: Ctan Phase Sword!


Above is the link to the daemon hunter FAQ. Since I'm using the daemon hunter assassin. But the witchhunter FAQ states the same as well. It's on the second page listed under assassins.

A. Neural Shreader isn't a ccw. It is listed as a single handed weapon.
B. It's a special weapon. 3 weapons so far is listed not to give the +1 attack.
C. Need a pistol and or ccw for +1. In the brb it states you only need two single handed weapons. It's usally a pistol or ccw but it doesn't have to be.

Originally Posted by Hansarius
Like I said, in the GW Errata for Which Hunters, where the Neural Shredder is described as a single handed weapon.
And in the section detailing Close Combat Weapons in the rule book, it states that a model armed with 2 single handed weapons, or a single handed weapon and a single handed special weapon is granted an additional attack.

Now, if it really was so that you could not combine the Neural Shredder with the C'tan Phase Sword to gain an additional attack, then the FAQ/Errata wouldn't describe the Neural Shredder as being a single handed weapon.
Of course, if one wants to be difficult, one could argue that being a single handed weapon doesn't mean that it is a single handed close combat weapon, but the problem with that is that the only place it has any bearing whether a weapon is single handed or not, is in close combat.
It's in both Daemon and Witchhunter Faqs. In the Daemon Hunter Faq it's on the 2nd page under Assassins. It states it's a single handed weapon.

Under the rules for the extra attack you just need two single handed weapons.

I knew the shreader was one but didn't know about the sword. You can argue over the sword but the shreader part is plain as day.

I'm feeling that it gives the +1 attack at this point simply due they say which 3 special weapons does not. Example two power swords would still give an extra attack.

The more I look at it and read the replies the not getting the extra attack argument is weak simply due it points out this so far.

A. Neural Shreader isn't a ccw: Faq states it is.
B. Need pistol or sword: CC rules states you need two one handed weapons that's usally a sword or pistol.
C. It's a special weapon similar to a fist: The three special weapons that deny the +1 attacks is listed. ( IMO it's still a good argument due they may had forgoten to conceder the weapon)
D. Army Builder doesn't add the attack. Army builder mess up on complicated army list and a few models abilities. It's a good program but sometimes they make mistakes.

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