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Developing a Grey Knights scenario
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Default Re: Developing a Grey Knights scenario

Well USPS doesn't cost too much. I've got 30 Grey Knights, 10 GKTs & 20 PAGKs. If you're interested/want more details let me know via PM.
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I got this one from the Warhammer fantasy rulebook. Its called last stand and basically, the defender is given a relatively small amount of points compared to the attacker, but the defender has no force organization chart and the attacker can recycle troops units. The game is decided by how long the defenders last.

1-2 turns- Overwhelming Attacker Win
3-4 turns- Minor Attacker Win
5-6 turns-Minor Defender Win
7-8 turns- Overwhelming Defender Win
9+ = attacker sucks

There were also some rules involving how the defenders had to stay within a certain zone or suffer -2 Ld
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