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Judgment Hammer of Tarsis [1850 list]
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Default Judgment Hammer of Tarsis [1850 list]


HQ - Company Command Squad
Commander w/Power Weapon
1 Vet w/Heavy Flamer
1 Vet w/Flamer
1 Vet Medic
1 Vet w/Pistol+CCW
+2 Bodyguards
Heavy Flamer, Heavy Flamer

HQ - Inquisitor Lord Karamazov

HQ - Ministorum Priest

ELITES 20 Sister Repentia

TROOPS Penal Legion Squad

TROOPS Penal Legion Squad

TROOPS Platoon Command Squad
Commander Chenkov
1 w/Heavy Flamer
1 w/Medi-pack
1 Commissar w/Power Fist
Heavy Flamer, Heavy Flamer

TROOPS Infantry Squad
All w/Shotguns
1 w/Meltagun
1 Lascannon Team

TROOPS Infantry Squad
All w/Shotguns
1 w/Meltagun
1 Lascannon Team

TROOPS 40 Conscripts

TROOPS 18 Battle Sisters
1 upg VSS w/Bolter-Meltagun
2 Sisters w/Meltaguns
Power Armor, Bolter-Meltagun


What would happen if an Inquisitor doomed an entire population that faced it's fate and wants to repent? And yet, let us say that while the Inquisitor is yet considering orbital bombardment, an Ork Waaagh!, a Tau expeditionary force, or a Tyranid Hive Fleet comes into the system before bombardment can commence.

The Inquisitor (represented here by the harsh Karamazov) utilizes the furious will for dedication to the Emperor against the oncoming foe. A group of Battle Sisters are dispatched to instill faith, Priests are set amongst the people, and they march to their impending doom, knowing that only in death can they find forgiveness.

That's what Chenkov is there for. Once the Conscripts have served their duty, they are gunned down for the next wave of faithful citizens to enter the battlefield, in debt to the Emperor with their very lives! Originally, I had a Priest in every unit, but that became too costly I think, and it just didn't seem worth it enough because the Ministorum Priest himself counted as a Kill Point. (Imagine the Penal Legion Squad with their attacks, re-rolling failed hits in the first round of combat!)

So I put him with the Conscripts instead. I know that once I gun down the Conscripts, I lose the Priest forever, but tis a cruel world. In the meantime, the Conscripts can charge a group of infantry, and hopefully make their mark in history as a feasible troop choice that can possibly do damage.

To say the least, this would be a very fun army to model I think. I'm still sulking over the loss of Heavy Flamers in Retributor squads, and the loss of the Zealots back in the old 3rd Edition rules.

This is a fluff based army. I do not want to hear your criticisms on its weaknesses, nor am I interested in what you have to say about it's general effectiveness. If you would like to comment on it tactically, then you may do so, but in the interest of how victory can be achieved.
(since I know that chiop is going to be in here soon, I am testing his ability to read thoroughly.)
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