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could someone give me hints towards a sisters army?
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Default could someone give me hints towards a sisters army?

i am fairly new to Warhammer 40k and i have a fair few White Dwarfs and have one particular favourite that has a battle between the sisters of battle and space wolves 13th company.

i thought i read that the exorcist models were limited releases? (im probably wrong but it can t hurt to ask)

also i was wondering if Pentinent Engines and Arco Flagellants are as scary and effective all the time as either super-uber-killy-death units or just plain really scary for the opposition.

and as i dont own the Codex i was wondering what choices they have for HQs and what Arco Flagellents and Pentinent Engines are listed as in the Codex?

any replies would be muchly appreciated as i am quite the noob

El moustache
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Default Re: could someone give me hints towards a sisters army?


Has Inquistion info as well, but very useful sisters info and idea's.

Helped me, hope it helps you!
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Default Re: could someone give me hints towards a sisters army?

i use whirlwinds as exorcists. they resemble the forgeworld versions well.

pentient engines in this edition seem like a lot better option due t the amount of cover saves. before they had a hard time staying alive due to low armor.
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