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how to counter mech army with grey knight army
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Default how to counter mech army with grey knight army

i just recently started playing grey knights and found that my two biggest problems were mobility (which i can fix with more rhinos i guess) and facing mechanized armies. I am not fielding a land raider and I feel like the lascannon is the only real anti-tank unit that the grey knight army list offers.

How do i destroy these vehicles? I play mostly against a mechanized eldar army (vipers, falcons, waveserpants) and dark angels which arent too mechanized but when he fields a land raider himself it pretty much just roams around all game and picks apart my army.

Any weapon suggestions or strategic ideas would be great. Thanks
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Default Re: how to counter mech army with grey knight army

There have been so many posts on this type of thing, but to help out since you have a couple of specific ideas in mind, I'll lend you a couple of thoughts:

There are a few effective ways to deal with Tanks in a Demonhunter army:

Land Raiders
Inquisitor squads

The stormtroopers can ride in a chimera/rhino (I like the chimera myself) and that will give you a 2 meltagun squad that can ride up to and pop open a tank with no issues. This will be harder against a Wave Serpent, but 4+ to glance is still not a shabby chance of taking down something. Furthermore you get a scoring unit in a tank. While I don't like the ISTs myself they are still a viable option, ride them up and blow up the tank. The Chimera gives you a decent transport with stronger front armour than a Rhino, while the option exists to give it good anti Infantry capabilites. Alternativly you can use the Rhino, and fire 2 models from the hatch...effectivly making your rhino a Melta-tank (if it moves 6 inches that turn)

The Twin Lascannon/Missile Launcher dreadnought is the second option, and one of my favorites. Two of these guys combined will ensure no tank gets through, and can wreck an infantry squad as well. Downside is they are not the utmost durable vehicle, and dreadnoughts will always be a priority target for your enemy.

The Godhammer Land raider is superb. With the new Machine Spirit rules you can roll around and take shots, while carrying your Terminators or PAGKs. This is my favorite method to killing tanks, and you can move 6in and shoot two separate tanks with the lascannons!

Terminators are wonderful, but only in combat. Most tanks have RAV10 and therefore even the Str6 Terminator can tear it apart in combat, but then again so can any GK with a nemesis weapon, where it comes in handy is the Thunderhammer upgrade. I'm not a fan for that myself, but you can buy your GM the Hammerhand Power and do the same damage. Str8 on Rear armor will kill anything but a Raider.

Inquisitors can take servitors with Multimeltas, they can also buy combi weapons themselves. So they can be a cheap static anti tank, however with short range. The plasma cannon isn't bad, but needing a 5 to glance against Serpents will hurt you.

Those are the best options for anti-tank lists just from the Daemonhunter codex, using Allied guard adds a whole new equasion that you can look into by comparing the books.
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Default Re: how to counter mech army with grey knight army

Orbital Bombardment, Eviscerators, Adeptus Arbites and Hunter-Killer Missiles are other possible choices.

Orbital Bombardment can do a good job of destroying armor, the trick is actually getting it to hit. Ignore the Barrage Bomb, as it can't do anything against Landraiders or Monoliths. The Melta Tropedo and the Lance Strike are both good. Again, their is no way to target vehicles, but it can still rain doom upon your opponent. Would require you to take an Inquisitor Lord or Inquisitor, though.

Both Inquisitors and Grey Knights have acces to the Eviscerator. Its not quite as effective equipped to an Inquisitor, but on a Grey Knight Brother Captain you essentially get 4 Melta-bombs on the charge, Grand Master gets 5, though for less, a Brother Captain gets 3.

You can take an Allied Adeptus Arbites squad from the Witch Hunters codex as the Veteran Sergeant can take an Eviscerator, Melta Bombs and the squad can take 2 Meltaguns. Granted they will need to get close to be effective, if they get to a tank, they stand a decent chance of breaking it. If you take a Battle Sisters Squad with an Immolater, you can give it Multi-Meltas and let the Arbites ride around in it for some extra survivability.

Hunter-Killer Missiles can work, but they are one-shot weapons that stand little chance of damaging a Land Raider, but against more lightly armored tanks, they can be a good option. If you just take Grey Knights, your only otpions are to put them on Land Raiders or Dreadnoughts. Usually best to hit things on the side or rear armor.

Another option are the Officio Assassinorum operatives. They aren't the optimum vehicle hunters, but they can manage to hamper vehicles in a pinch. Like Orbital Bombardment, it requires an Inquisitor Lord or Inquisitor to field one.
Vindicare: Really all he can do is shoot his Turbo-Penetrator Round at a single tank per game. It can have up to 18 for Armor Penetration, but it will have as little as 3 and an average of 10
Eversor: Carries Melta Bombs, but its Neural Gauntlet is more tempting. It has a 1 in 6 chance of Glancing, but it can make up to 10 attacks on the charge (3 base, 1 for pistol and CCW, d6 for Combat drugs). Again, not somthing to bet on, but in a pinch it can work.
Callidus: The Callidus' Neural Shredder has the best chance of doing something to a vehicle. Since its a template weapon, no rolling to hit the vehicle. The only issue is how a D3 Glance is rolled with the new Damage Chart. While a D3 Glance won't destroy the vehicle, you can greaty hamper the Land Raider to the point that it can only move or shoot one weapon.

An option you can take from the Tau Playbook is equipping a Deep Striker with a Melta Weapon. Take a Brother Captain, give him a Combi-Melta and a Thunder Hammer, wait, and then drop him near the biggest threat. Assuming he doesn't get a Deep Strik accident, he can drop and shoot his Meltagun and hopefully destroy it or immobilze it, then charge with the Thunder Hammer next turn.

I agree with GKTerminator's suggestions, though I would suggest that you not a Multi-Melta Servitor equipped

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Default Re: how to counter mech army with grey knight army

you could add in a full strength guard platoon with all lascannons, or autocannons, without losing your gks, cheap too!
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