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Firing Points on Rhino/Chimera
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Default Firing Points on Rhino/Chimera

Sup /inq/, the DH codex description of the rhino's top hatch really confused me. I looked in the errata, but it didn't address this.

I'm speaking in terms of the rhino for simplicity, but this goes for the chimera as well. The codex states something about using the top hatch of a rhino as a firing point. Is this firing point already included in the base number of firing points on the rhino (meaning I would have to make it open topped to fire out of it)? How many firing points does this open top hatch confer?

I don't think this situation would come up often, but I needed some clarification on this.
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Default Re: Firing Points on Rhino/Chimera

I'm not really sure if this applies to our rhinos yet, or if it ever will, but in the new Marine codex it speficies that:
Fire Points: Two models can fire from the Rhino's top hatch.
I think I understand your question, and I think that it will be cleared up if and when we get our new codex. But my understanding is that the top hatch counts as 1 firing point on both the Rhino and Chimera, but 2 models may fire out of it. I am not sure where the Chimera's 2nd firing point is though.

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