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Radical Inquisitor
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Default Radical Inquisitor

One of the interesting stories in the Daemonhunters codex to me was the Radical Inquisitor Quixos. I am slightly interested in creating a similar Radical Inqisitor but am not sure which upgrades one would purchase. My thoughts are:

Force Weapon - No idea what a Daemonblade's effects are but I'm stabbing a guess at a Force Weapon being the closest...
Psychic Power - Don't know what would suit a Radical better, but I'd guess any of the agressive 3...
Psychic Hood - He created soulguards to protect against magic.
Consecrated Scrolls - Increased psychic potential and artefacts
Refractor Field - psychic and warp wards
And of course Daemonhosts...

Any ideas on the issue?

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Default Re: Radical Inquisitor

Sadly, Radical Daemonhunter Inquisitors don't get an awful lot in the Codex; for giving up the ability to take any type of Grey Knight, they get access to the less than stellar Daemonhost.

UK White Dwarf #295 details a bunch of Wargear and weapons that you can give a Radical Daemonhunter Inquisitor (and/or his buddies, the Relictors) and I would highly recommend you purchasing it if you fancy continuing on your dark path. It does, however, refer to the out of date Chaos Codex (3rd edition, second version (not the reddish bordered version, the black bordered version)) so you might need to trawl a certain second-hand auction site to pick up a copy of that to use the White Dwarf rules to their fullest extent.

If you do not use the White Dwarf rules, then I would have to say that your choice in Wargear and weapons works quite well to represent a Radical.
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Default Re: Radical Inquisitor

My suggestion is make a 'non-radical' (ie Ignore the daemonhost) and then model things as monsterously as possible.
For example, want a plasma cannon? Model it as a rogue psyker hurling balls of warp
Want Daemons? Model an Ordo Assassinorum, Death Cultists, Arco-flagellates into something sutably nasty
Taking Space Marines? Just use Chaos Marines to resemble a dark pact
Imperial Guard and Storm Troopers can represent Cultists
Brother-Captain to represent a Chaos Champion
and so on and so forth....

As Masked Thespian said, Radicals don't get anything really and give up alot in the process. The best way to make a competitive radical army it to model a puritanical force into one. It will probably require a decent amount of fluff writing to justify everything, and in my experience, people are more willing to allow a count-as army if there is some nice fluff to go along with it.

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