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Inquisition guard doctrines!
Old 03 Nov 2007, 15:35   #1 (permalink)
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Default Inquisition guard doctrines!

i where just wondering what doctrines that would suit best too represent a imperial guard army inducted with the Inquisition, the guards is the best since they have been picked out by the Inquisition, which lacks them in number but they should have access too more powerful weapons and wargear and should have better training, they are better trained to Handel fearsome situations.
they don't include any ogryn or rattling since the inquisition finds them a bit mutated(chaos might be behind) any idea how i can represent this?
here is what i have come up with:
-carapace armor
-iron discipline
struggles to find out what more(or what i should exchange for something else) i should do?
thanks in advance
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Default Re: Inquisition guard doctrines!

I would say:
-Special weapon squads
-Die hards
-Iron discipline
-Hardened fighters
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Default Re: Inquisition guard doctrines!

Remember that if you induct IG to a Inquisition army you can't use doctrines, must use the basic codex options no special rules or anything, was the same for SM that they can't induct Blood Angel or any subcharter, same goes for doctrines .

BUT if your main army is IG with doctrines and then you ally the inquisition then is another story > that you can do no problem
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Default Re: Inquisition guard doctrines!

Gilber's got it on the nose ;D
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