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Rules FAQ - Post Rules Questions Here
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Default Re: Rules FAQ - Post Rules Questions Here

Originally Posted by Sea-Zan
This might be a dumn question but I have to ask anyway. Can the Vindicare Assasin only use each special round once per game?
Unfortunately, he may only use each special round once per game. However, he may still shoot his Exitus Rifle without using one of the special rounds by just using its standard profile.
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Default Re: Rules FAQ - Post Rules Questions Here

The hurricane bolters say they are made of 3 "boltguns", is a "boltgun" equivalant to a bolter in regards to str and ap but with one shoot or is it something else?
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Default Re: Rules FAQ - Post Rules Questions Here

The terms Boltgun and Bolter are completely interchangeable, Bolter being a colloquial form of Boltgun
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