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Grey Knights
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Default Grey Knights

After reading through some posts on the forum that may or may not be very long and boring, ive decided to post a little somthing regarding Grey Knights.

I dunno how many of you have read the book "Grey Knight" but i really enjoyed it and i dunno about anyone else but for me 40k is about creating fun and interesting games and armys, and you know you got it perfect when both players can say good game at the end and mean it, i feel grey knights are one of these armys.

I personaly feel that people who cant comprehend this and want to just shove as many heavy weps in there opponents face is missing the point entirely, dispite what anyone says warhammer 40k is (in my opinion) 10% winning and 90% good time, and i can promise you that somone who gets a army of heavy weapons pointing into there chops wont be happy by the end of it, they will be bitter and angry and that creates more people that buy more heavy weapons and ruin it for the new gamers who come in thinking its all about story and fun and then relise that the vast majority of GT players and alot of people that play in the GW too, take unfair armys.

Id like to also say i co-run a gaming club and we have successfully shown everyone in the club that toting heavy weaps from every oriface isnt the awnser and when we end the club at the end of the night everyone leaves talking about there games and how cool it was that this happened, not "damn i got blasted into next week im going to go out and buy 3 devisator squads"

Anyway back on topic, Grey knights are really fun armys to play with, i have a 2500pt (pure) Grey Knight force in total and i played a 1500pt battle with a ork speed freak army 2 weeks ago, they were apon me very quickly with skarboys and loads of boys, i managed to pin a squad with the vind assassin and then charged with everyone i had, the battle boiled down to my termi's and 2 squads of 10 grey knights and a few storm troops squads fighting it out with the orks, (holocaust is FANTASTIC!!!) by the end my grand master stood with 1 wound and 1 termi and there were 1 and 3 men in the 2 squads and the storm troops were wiped out!, it was a really exciting game and even the ork player said that he enjoyed the battle better that way, because the grey knights even though are a really small force its cool to imagine that they would stand and face all the orks and win but at a huge cost.

In the gaming club we also have 2 players who collect demon heavy armys, first a word bearer army and the second a deathguard army, i havent faced the death guard yet but when i faced the word bearer this player had too read the book and found it a really enjoyable game.

On a final note id like to say that to prove to other people who might think big guns = good and everything else = rubbish, look at the armys used in white dwarf there NEVER toting heavy weps from everywhere there always balanced, they dont just do this to create a good story for the mag, they do it cos thats the way warhammer 40k is ment to be played and for people who can understand that i hope you can one day and find out the true joy of this game.
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Default Re: Grey Knights

I totally agree.

I always try to win but don't create armies that are boring to use just for the sole purpose of power, like the heavy weapon toting armies you refer to ( i have a freind who always takes 6 five man tactical squads each with a heavy weapon).

I am personally not a fan of GK mainly due to the models, but they are an interesting force to use.

My prefered DH force would be inquisitors with huge very expensive retinues, this provides some great modelling oppertunities and some interesting in game moments. I back these up with deamon hosts and a few stormtroopers.

Armies like this, and GK arent blatently powerful and can be difficult to use and or win with but they are interesting to use and can provide interesting battles.

' the gaming club we also have 2 players who collect demon heavy armys, first a word bearer army and the second a deathguard army, i havent faced the death guard yet but when i faced the word bearer this player had too read the book and found it a really enjoyable game. '

Yes it is always nice to match your force up against an opponent that you know your army would be facing off against in the fluff.

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Default Re: Grey Knights

I find GK's more useful inducted into other armies, like my Witch Hunters in which they literally kill in small densely wooded areas.
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Re: Grey Knights

I was down that the uk 40k in 40 min tornament last week end and all the "competative" teams were made out of 4 squads of 3 eldar scouts and 6 vipers all sporting star cannons.
All the games that i played against teams like that ( i think that there was about 5 teams all the same) my gray knights got spanked. the eldar scouts all had desruption roles that made all my army set up in reserve and then i would get picked off one squad at a time when they showed up by the 18 starcannon shots. but in games against balanced teams the games were close and great fun ( i know it a bit off topic )
armys need to have something about them to get your teeth a good load of fluff.

By the way the new heavy weapon teams army is the furious assult and infiltrating marine army ( dull dull dull)
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Default Re: Grey Knights

I actually played Grey Knights in 2nd edition, as well.* If you think Holocaust is tough now, it used to be even stronger.* My favorite story about it is a small battle I played against a heavily mechanized Ork army.* I teleported into the center of his line, and activated Holocaust.* I managed to destroy several smaller vehicles.* In the old rules, vehicle explosions were a little more dangerous, and the destruction of some of his light vehicles set off detonations in their neighbors, one of which mounted a flame weapon (anyone remember what the IG Hellhound used to do when it died?).* Since this was the first turn, everything was bunched together.* When all was said and done, less than a quarter of the Ork army remained.* If I remember, the Grey Knights were also hurt pretty badly.* It is good that they made the Space Marine Librarian relevant again.* They used to be terrifying.
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