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1500pt IG/DH
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Default 1500pt IG/DH

Just looking for some advice on this list, trying to figure out how to make it effective while using some of my favorite GW models. It's an Imperial guard based list but as all the heavy hitters are from Codex: Daemon Hunter I thought this would be the best place to get advice.

Imperial Guard w/allied Daemon Hunters

Command Platoon 147pts
Command Squad (Die Hard)
Senior Officer w/Iron Discipline, Powerfist, Plasma Pistol, Trademark Item
4X Guardsmen w/Plasmagun x2, Medic, Regimental Standard

Grey Knight Grand Master 349pts
Retinue Terminators x4

Infantry Platoon 374pts
Command Squad (Die Hard)
Junior Officer w/Iron Discipline, Powerfist, Plasma Pistol
4xguardsmen w/Plasmagun x2, medic
Infantry Squad (Die Hard)
Infantry Squad (Die Hard)
Infantry Squad (Die Hard)

Armoured Fist Squad (Die Hard) 194pts
w/Heavy Bolter, Plasma, Sergeant w/Plasma Pistol
Chimera w/Heavy Bolter, Flamer, Smoke, xtra armour

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers 170pts
9x Stormtroopers w/meltagun and plasma
Veteran w/Thunder Hammer, Plasma Pistol, and Teleport Homer

Fast Attack
Grey Knights x5 150pts

Basilisk w/indirect fire 125pts

TOTAL: 1501pts
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Default Re: 1500pt IG/DH

Hey man,

This may be better suited to the I.G. board, but I'll leave it here until you want some I.G. answers (just ask me to move it and it will be done).

Anyhow, as for the list:

HQ1 - I would stress against the power fist and and plasma pistol. Both are how your S.O. gets himself killed. I would instead recommend you use your HQ for it's advantages, not its disadvantages, and perhaps get a few long ranged guns here, like an autocannon team or heavy bolter teams. Dakka is something precious you'll need as you don't have much firepower in this list.

HQ2 - The Grand Master is solid, as are the Knights with him. However, 350 points is hard in 1500 points as he quickly is taking up loads. I'll leave it up to you, but I would probably just take a normal elite squad and save 100+ points.

Troop1 - They look good to me, but I wouldn't bother with a single mortar. Instead, take a heavy bolter or autocannon. Again, the power fist & plasma thing is just going to get your officer killed fast, so I would avoid that.

Troop2 - The AF is pretty much in line with the platoons. I would drop those combat upgrades and just sit with your heavy bolter and maybe a grenade launcher. Let the DH part of your list be the combat hammer. Guardsmen don't stack up in small supply like this.

Troop3 - For the Storm Troopers, I would drop the plasma and go with two meltas. The thunderhammer on the serg is actually not a bad choice, but I would definitely drop the plasma pistol. If you want to make him a mini-titan, give him artificer armor!

Fast1 - Knights look good.

Heavy1 - I would really suggest against a Bassy. Bassy should be your last heavy choice. I would instead suggest a Russ if nothing else, otherwise, I would stress a hellhound over a bassy any day of the week.

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: 1500pt IG/DH

how do u plan on go about fighting? currently ur guards are rather close range borderlining on assaulty. i think this force would see some nice results if you have anchored fire bases from the guard and used ur GK to collapse back towards the guard and fend off assaults.

personally i hate depending on guard for assault results. i would drop all close combat gear on ur guard contingents.

one more thing:

Inquisitorial Stormtroopers 170pts
9x Stormtroopers w/meltagun and plasma
Veteran w/Thunder Hammer, Plasma Pistol, and Teleport Homer

is a bit too diverse for its own good. double up on the special weapons and toss them a chimera or rhino if ur hoping for them to do tank busting.

nothing worse than headin out for a day of heretical no-no's only to have a big laser come down from orbit and blast your honda in half.
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