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Adepta Sororitas (Sisters of Battle) AFVs
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Default Adepta Sororitas (Sisters of Battle) AFVs

Given that the SoB's also make use of the Rhino chassis, I always figured they should have had their own take on the Predator. Now I realize the Excorcist fills that tank-buster role, but that wasn't its early role as I'll explain below.

SoB Predator: given the SoB's proclivity for "burn the heretic!" anti-personel tactics their Predators would lean to killing lots of infantry, but be that back-up if heretic forces fielded armor of their own. So a turret with an Autocannon, with options for Melta Cannon or Flamestorm. Sponsons are restricted to Flamers and Heavy Bolters. Las Cannons are not part of the SoB's inventory.

Excorcist: now these are rapid fire anti-armor missile AFVs. But, once upon a time they were the SoBs true artillery. And in keeping with their theme they fired massive barrages of incendiary frag warheads able to scour the land clean of lightly armored heretic forces. I wish/think they should go back to this. Oh, in NetEpic they introduced another SoB Rhino-based artillery unit. The name escapes me, but it mounted a turreted Thudd Gun. Good for hitting heavier infantry and fortifications.

Assault Gun: that last line above made me think. The SoB's are usually dealing with apostates and heretics up close and personal, and normally in built up areas. They probably need something like the Astartes Vindicator for bunker-busting when Flamestorm-armed Preds and Immolators (and their embarked troops, usually of the fire support flavor) just can't break a particular nut.
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