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Want to start a grey knights list. Just without the grey knights....
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Want to start a grey knights list. Just without the grey knights....

Okay, I have a dilemma. I love the idea of an inquisition strike force. But I hate grey knights, and was (insufferably cheerfully) informed by a GW staff member that all the inquisition's branches and assassins had been shoehorned into codex grey knights and that it was now impossible to field them as part of a non grey knights force.

However, there is hope! I have since been told that Inquisitor lord coteaz Allows hencmen to be troop choices. However, without a codex I cant verify, So could someone do me a favour and let me know?

If it's possible I shall basically have coteaz and an ordo xeneos inquisitor, coteas with a close combat heavy retinue and the ordo xenos with a deamon host and shooting unpleasantness, all mounted in razorbacks (I'm assuming I can) and whatever else I'm allowed to get my army legal, and with any remaining points assassins. Sound good?
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Kroot Warrior
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It's perfectly legal, and seems like it might be fun to play/play against. Good luck to you
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