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Go to first new post Cách thức chuyển đổi thẻ c*o ra tiền mặt - Năm 2017 0 0
Go to first new post lambaocaothuctap24h 0 76
Go to first new post Điều kiện l*m BCTT, l*m dịch vụ báo cáo thuế tại Ba vì 0 0
Go to first new post Even giảm 55% L*m dịch vụ đề án t*i ch*nh trọn gói 0 0
Go to first new post S*a Máy T*nh Tại Qu*n 2 0 0
Go to first new post S*a Máy T*nh Tại Qu*n 1 0 0
Go to first new post Download Autocad 2017 Full Crack 1 Link Fshare 0 0
Go to first new post Tai nghe headphone Beat Soul SL150 0 0
Go to first new post GIrl xinh lộ khe nhạy cảm 0 0
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Announcements (1 Viewing)
This is where announcements about Tau Online will be made, and where the forum rules are posted. Please read the forum rules if you haven't already.
81 3,028
Love the forums? Hate the website? Found a bug? Then come in here and tell us!
1,327 15,328
Introduce yourself (10 Viewing)
Everyone has to start somewhere! Come in here and let us know you exist! This board is for you to introduce yourself, or say if you have come back to Tau Online after being away for a while.
19 Jul 2016 20:52 Go to last post
3,451 25,324
Regional Boards (3 Viewing)
A place to find members from your region and to also arrange meet-ups and games! Guests are also allowed to post here too.
by trinh03
31 Jul 2017 17:35 Go to last post
191 2,925
Marketplace for your minis. Buy Sell Trade.
by 7phwt
05 Apr 2017 15:45 Go to last post
974 5,127
This board can be posted in by guests. So if you have any quick questions before registering, or even a technical problem with registering/logging in (etc), feel free to use this board.
07 Mar 2013 02:29 Go to last post
63 408

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General 40K (42 Viewing)
"In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war."
As in anything not related to an individual army, but still about 40K...
by dtba9
05 Mar 2017 02:38 Go to last post
5,401 107,914
Tau (57 Viewing)
"The one constant in our universe is change, the wise adapt."
Talk about Tau and join in our quest to re-write the stars in the name of the greater good.
Sub-Forums: Tau Army Lists
by dtba9
28 Mar 2017 03:21 Go to last post
14,676 218,357
Craftworld Eldar (7 Viewing)
"Their arrogance is matched only by their firepower"
The Eldar were once rulers of the galaxy, but disaster befell them. This section is for Craftworld Eldar.
by dtba9
28 Mar 2017 03:17 Go to last post
3,198 34,042
Dark Eldar (1 Viewing)
"We are not creatures of shadow but it serves us well. As an ally in battle and a refuge for rest."
Learn the ways of the Dark Kin here.
774 7,625
Necrons (6 Viewing)
"Life-hating, utterly ruthless and life consuming, the armies of the C'tan are out to harvest the galaxy."
Learn how to command an army of these warriors, as well as the secrets that surround them.
Sub-Forums: Necron Army Lists
1,184 13,976
Orks (13 Viewing)
`Ere We Go, Ere We Go! We'z be Green, We'z be Mean, We'z be Mad! Come 'ere for a krumpin'
Sub-Forums: Ork Army Lists
by Akaiyou
26 Apr 2015 01:20 Go to last post
2,358 24,927
Tyranids (11 Viewing)
"The Great Beast, Devourer of Worlds is ever the predator, constantly hyper-evolving to meet its destiny."
The Tyranids hunt their prey within.
Sub-Forums: Tyranid Army Lists
27 May 2017 05:03 Go to last post
2,018 22,860
Imperial Guard (13 Viewing)
"Stand fast and die like Guardsmen!"
The Imperial Guard is the first, last and often only line of defence for humanity. Fall in, soldier, and we will teach you how to fight for the Emperor!
13 Sep 2017 03:11 Go to last post
3,602 47,366
Space Marines (17 Viewing)
"And they shall know no fear."
The Marines are the finest of the Imperium's warriors; Discuss them here.
10 Aug 2017 19:08 Go to last post
5,061 56,761
The Inquisition (6 Viewing)
"Everything you've been told is a lie"
Discover the secrets of the Inquisition's finest and how to seek out the Heretic, Mutant, Traitor, the Xenos and Daemon in these hallowed halls.
by dtba9
24 Mar 2017 00:49 Go to last post
1,740 15,191
Forces of Chaos (12 Viewing)
"Cruel Marauders, Ruthless Overlords - Traitors all."
Renegades, Traitors, Mutants, Daemons - Discuss the ways of Mankind's most dreaded enemies, the minions of Chaos!
3,460 32,298
Minor Races (3 Viewing)
This board is for the 40K armies that aren't considered the mainstream armies. Mainstream armies all have their own boards (Above). This board is for armies like Harlequins, Kroot Mercs and Arbites.
17 Sep 2013 02:16 Go to last post
306 2,971
Battle Reports (2 Viewing)
The place for all the Battle Reports to go!
by Gobbii
07 Aug 2013 10:11 Go to last post
623 4,209

  Forum Last Post Threads Posts
Heard that 'Warhammer 40K' is changing it's name to 'Big Pink Elephants 32K?' Or maybe you've just heard that GW are putting the prices of paint-pots to 50 pence? Whatever rumour, come in here and discuss it!
1,122 32,403
40K Creations (2 Viewing)
To discuss the creative writing-side of 40K. Please post in the relevant child boards inside this board to expedite your post.
Sub-Forums: The Black Library
15 Dec 2011 07:40 Go to last post
344 4,047
Fluff/Stories (5 Viewing)
Are you a budding writer? Or maybe an experienced publisher! Whoever you are come in here and share your stories!
1,532 13,057
House Rules (5 Viewing)
Made a new close-combat unit for the Tau? Or maybe you've made up rules for a renegade Space marine? Whatever rules you've made up, come in here to post them.
by Elzadar
19 Feb 2013 02:07 Go to last post
1,756 21,378
Hobby (16 Viewing)
To discuss the hobby-side of 40K. Please post in the relevant child boards inside this board to expedite your post.
Sub-Forums: Project Logs
by dtba9
23 Mar 2017 03:26 Go to last post
1,511 21,676
Terrain (4 Viewing)
Post anything to do with Terrain here
by dtba9
28 Mar 2017 04:44 Go to last post
630 7,400
Painting (12 Viewing)
Post anything to do with Painting here, although completely finished models should go into the Showcase board.
28 Sep 2017 09:26 Go to last post
2,306 22,592
Conversion (12 Viewing)
Everyone loves to stick an Ork head on a Carnifex! Come in here and discuss some of your conversions that are work in progress. Completed (and painted models) should go into the Showcase board.
2,885 35,585
Showcase (15 Viewing)
Are you a great sculptor? The next Van Gogh perhaps? Come in here and share your work. Completed models are also welcome.
01 May 2015 05:45 Go to last post
2,915 44,028
Other GW Games (4 Viewing)
This board is for discussion of the other GW games like the Specialist games, Lord of the Rings and Out of Print games.
Sub-Forums: Dark Heresy
by dtba9
05 Mar 2017 00:24 Go to last post
525 4,129
The Warhammer World (6 Viewing)
The Board of Fantasy Battles, Tales and Adventures.
This board is for discussing Warhammer Fantasy Battles, Warmaster, Mordheim, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Blood Bowl, as well as relevant background material!
1,056 8,754

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Enclave Talk (37 Viewing)
The place for members to discuss things off the topic of Games Workshop/40K Related.
by dtba9
28 Mar 2017 15:48 Go to last post
7,454 370,602
The place for members to discuss Science, Technology and Computer related subjects such as nano-technology, breakthrough medical technology, general science discussions, computer and internet topics.
09 Aug 2011 07:27 Go to last post
920 8,392
Artwork (2 Viewing)
A place for artwork, hand drawn pictures and computer generated images!
by connor
28 Jan 2011 00:20 Go to last post
225 3,010
The Music Forum (2 Viewing)
Learn how to be droppin' science with the gangstas or learning the finer rhythmic devices.
11 Sep 2011 13:51 Go to last post
829 12,978
A place for members to discuss and debate things like politics and religion.
by dtba9
23 Mar 2017 04:30 Go to last post
1,483 63,877
Sig Shops (1 Viewing)
A place where you can get your signature and/or avatar created for you!
by Nekhron
16 Oct 2015 22:06 Go to last post
40 722

  Forum Last Post Threads Posts
Member created fluff, articles and the like.
13 Feb 2009 16:44 Go to last post
31 330
This board is where all the past contests go.
445 12,050

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