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Drop Troops
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Default Drop Troops

Hi my army the " 57th Snow Hawks". is a drop troop/ light infantary regiment i just wanted to ask if any of you had any stratergy ideas, by the way i have a Valkyrie ;D

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Default Re: Drop Troops

Well, Wargamer is going to burn you at the stake for this one... but I would say don't give them drop troops. This effectively strands you force on the board without any support, furthermore if you want to have stormtrooper backup you will have to upgrade them with deep strike as they are not guard infantry.

The fact that you have a Valkyrie helps though, you could put the stormtroopers in there, but you can't rely on it as (I may be wrong here) it is opponents permission only and tourneys will not allow it.

However if you really want to do drop troops, my advice would be to skip tanks and buy loads of sentinels. I do not have the codex with me, but from memory I believe you could get 12 in a standard game. Then I would get tons of troops without heavy weapons, but give 'em grendade launchers to deal with tough units the walkers can't handle. I would definitely say that men will win the day on a drop troops mission. That is my two cence and others may add to it.
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Default Re: Drop Troops

;D drop troops, fun fun fun. ;D dont take carapace, use at least 9 sentinels, 3 with lascannons, 6 with autocannons, all with hunter killer missiles. as many squads as possible, with grenade launchers, make infantry platoon command squads basic just a JO with bolter, 3 guardsmen with lasguns, medic with lasgun. Command squad use a SO with storm bolter, 3 Grenade launchers, medic with bolter. 2 full platoons would be nice... but it probably wont happen...
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Default Re: Drop Troops

I'd take 3 lascannons, 3 multilasers, and 3 autocannons. If you take 12, make the last 3 heavy flamers. Nothing nastier than 3 heavy flamers droppign out of the sky 3 inches from you! Other than that, I agree with Tefnik.
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