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daemoneculus gulf crusade conversion.
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Default daemoneculus gulf crusade conversion.

how do you think i would go about doing a daemoneculus gulf crusade conversion for a squad of gaurdsmen?
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Default Re: daemoneculus gulf crusade conversion.

You would start by spelling it "Damocles".

The Guardsmen who fought in the Damocles Gulf are no different from any other guardsmen, the ones mentioned most in the fluff were the Brimlock Dragoons so you may try to find Brimlock's cameo scheme or particularr uniform.
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Default Re: daemoneculus gulf crusade conversion.

maybe some tau bits every here and there, like a sholder plate with the tau marks scratched off and an aquilla on it, or somthing to that effect.
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Default Re: daemoneculus gulf crusade conversion.

The Damocles Crusade was mostly fought on desert worlds, so I would go with some good desert camouflage. Other than that, do tau bitz conversions:

Bonding Knife on hip or backpack
Pulse carbine or rifle (broken or useable) next to a Heavy Weapon emplacement.
Tau armor (shoulder pad, helmet, etc) on ground, probably scarred up.

There's just a few ideas. I'm sure you can find more Damocles Fluff in the Tau codex and online, so look around.
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