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Storm Trooper Unit
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Default Storm Trooper Unit

9 Storm Troopers @ 166 Pts
-Infiltrate Ability; Plasma Gun (x2); Hellguns (x7); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades

1 Storm Trooper Veteran Sergeant @ [47] Pts
-Infiltrate Ability; HellPistol; Power Weapon; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Honorifica Imperialis

Ok, think of this.

A unit that just sits in cover and shoots 2 BS4 plasma guns (at range 24"). They're in cover because they can infiltrate.

Pretty distracting isn't it?

So, you charge said unit because they're annoying you with their 4+ saves and cover save.

While you've slowed down your advance towards the rest of the army, going out of your way to get this stormie unit, you don't care because they suck at combat and you'll be able to sweeping advance and move on.

You couldn't be bothered with paying for frags (fair assumption).

Then, said unit hits you with 4 WS4 power weapon attacks, because they have a guy with an honerifica imperialis. He's got I10 for cover.


This unit, supposedly 'sucky' in combat, is kicking the crap! Even if you win, they've got ld 9! Now you worry you're not even going to make the IG lines, let alone your suddenly diminished chances of defeating this unit! (Diminished chances means it's more likely the stormies win, although I'd expect the stormies to lose more often than not.)

Please, next battle, try this out! Stick them in cover, away from your forces to make the advance towards your lines longer, and whatever you do, do not assault with them!

Oh! Oh! Do not forget! If anyone tries anything sneaky, such as be in cover themselves, remember, you have frags! If you ever assault, assault a unit in cover.
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Default Re: Storm Trooper Unit

Interesting..... If only Catachan could use storm troopers.... ohh well theres always assault squads! But i like this concept. Probly a major tactic of many forces but good non-the-less.

I thing- dont post stats... it breaches copyright laws.
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Default Re: Storm Trooper Unit

delete this post please
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Default Re: Storm Trooper Unit

Or, you could just use 6 Storm Troops, 2 Plasma guns and Infiltrate. Much cheaper and does the same job. You shouldn't put that many points in the hope that your Stormy's will be a good CC unit. You said yourself don't assault with them. Just get them there with the guns, if the enemy sends a squad in to get them they've done their job (presuming its not turn 1 )
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