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1/blast ?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 1/blast ?

My friend is playing IG and i'm not sure if he is doing things right when it says 1/blast on the characteristics of the weapon, do youuse the blast marker or the large blast merker. thanx for the help!
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Default Re: 1/blast ?

which weapon is it?
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Default Re: 1/blast ?

1/Balst referrs to the template and the amout of dice rolled.

So 1/blast= 1 dice (to hit) and the small blast marker
2/blast= 2 dice (to hit) and the small blast marker
Or 1/ordenance= 1 dice (to hit) and the large blast marker

hope to help.
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Default Re: 1/blast ?

Imperial Guard template weapons-

Battle Cannon, Demolisher Cannon, Earthshaker Cannon, and demo charges use the large ordenance template.

Frag grenade, frag missile, mortar, and plasma cannon use the small blast template.
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