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what is a good starting army?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default what is a good starting army?

i am considering starting aan imperial army.
i was mostly wondering what would be a good hq choice?
any other suggestions would be nice.
i am looking for a shooting army mainly,
i already play tau
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Default Re: what is a good starting army?

Well for a great start get the Command platoon for a HQ.
Also a battle force and then a box set of cadian.

This should give you a strong core force with lots of guns.
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Default Re: what is a good starting army?

There was an interesting article in a recent white dwarf about an IG officer with LD10. As far as I know, he was chapter approved, too. But I would never take him, the fluff made it very clear that he has no place at the front, and would only rarely and accidentally be caught there.
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