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Gue'vassa Imperial Guard vs. Space Wolves Narrative Batrep
Closed Thread
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Default Gue'vassa Imperial Guard vs. Space Wolves Narrative Batrep

I did this battle report a long time ago so the writing is significantly worse than what I normally do, and a lot of stuff is overly dramatic. It's quite long, so you may have to read it in sections. If you guys like this, then I've got another report that's newer and has better writing. The mission was an ambush using the trail 4th Edition rules.

[size=12pt]Army Lists[/size]

Carapace armor
Storm troopers
Sanctioned Psykers

Command Squad
Senior Officer with powerfist and plasma pistol
Sanctioned Psyker with Honorifica Imperialis, force weapon, bolt pistol
3 guardsmen with flamers
1 guardsmen with meltagun
Carapace armor
Chimera with smoke launchers, heavy stubber

5 Ogryns
1 Bone’ead
Chimera with 2 heavy flamers, smoke launchers, heavy stubber

Squad 3
1 storm trooper sergeant
2 storm troopers with hellguns
2 storm troopers with meltaguns
Deep strike

Squad 4
1 storm trooper sergeant
2 storm troopers with hellguns
2 storm troopers with meltaguns
Deep strike

Squad 1
1 storm trooper sergeant
7 storm troopers with hellguns
2 storm troopers with plasma guns
Chimera with smoke launchers, heavy stubber

Squad 2
1 storm trooper sergeant
7 storm troopers with hellguns
2 storm troopers with plasma guns
Chimera with smoke launchers, heavy stubber

Squad 5
1 storm trooper sergeant
2 storm troopers with hellguns
2 storm troopers with plasma guns

Russ 1
Battle cannon, heavy bolter

Russ 2
Battle cannon, heavy bolter

Space Wolves:

Rune Priest
Power weapon, plasma pistol

Venerable Dreadnaught
Twin lascannons, heavy flamer, close combat weapon

4 with bolt pistol, close combat weapon
1 with plasma pistol, close combat weapon
1 with plasma gun

Blood Claws 1
9 with bolt pistol, close combat weapon
1 with power weapon, bolt pistol
1 with powerfist, bolt pistol

Blood Claws 2
6 with bolt pistol, close combat weapon
1 with power weapon, bolt pistol
1 with powerfist, bolt pistol
1 Wolf Guard with powerfist, bolt pistol

Grey Hunters 1
4 with bolter, close combat weapon
1 with bolter, powerfist
1 with meltagun
Razorback with twin lascannons

Grey Hunters 2
6 with bolter, close combat weapon

1 biker with close combat weapon
2 bikers with meltaguns


Long fangs
1 lascannon
1 plasma cannon
1 rocket launcher
1 leader with bolter, close combat weapon

There was a large grove of trees to the right the front the column with some ruins on the other side. Next to the trees was an earthen barrier and the two effectively blocked line of sight to the column’s flank from that side. Various wrecked vehicles, several ruined fountains and scattered trees littered the open park through which the column was advancing. The Wolves were advancing on a, Imperial checkpoint. There was a large museum/gift shop building that had been converted into a command post on the right and a hill fortified with sand bags on the left. Each had a small open topped pillbox in front of it. There was only about 6-8 inches between the two pillboxes making and effective choke point.
My brother deployed his Space Wolves in the following order: blood claws 1, blood claws 2 with rune priest in their rhino, Venerable Dreadnaught, Grey Hunters 2, Long fangs, Grey Hunters 2 in their Razorback, bikers, Whirlwind.
My rolls for starting units were excellent and I got everything but the Ogryns and Squad 2. Russ 1 was placed hull-down behind the left pillbox while Russ 2 was put on the right of the command post where it could see anything approaching the checkpoint. The Command Squad deployed behind the command post in their chimera while squad 1’s chimera hid behind the hill while the squad itself took positions on the hill. Squad 5 deployed in the right hand pillbox. Squads 3 and 4 deployed on each long board edge in hopes of causing havoc with their meltaguns against the vehicles in the column.

Major Drakon Thanar surveyed the column of marines as they trundled through the devastated park towards the seemingly innocent checkpoint. They would reach him in about five minutes. He reflected on senseless destruction of war, it had taken this once peaceful and vibrant park and turned it into battlefield. Craters and destroyed vehicles littered the grassy fields and the memorials and great green trees were scarred and burned with las and bolt shots. “And I’m about to damage it even more,” he muttered bitterly to himself. But those were his orders, to prevent any reinforcements from reaching the battle at the Saint Elizabeth Eclesiarchy Chapel.

I’ll make sure its restored to its former glory once we’ve liberated this world from the tyranny of the corrupt Imperial government he vowed as he turned to his second in command, “Captain Rastalan tell the Russ’s to hold there fire until the front of the column reaches that group trees there”.

Hefting his honor blade onto his shoulder he stepped into his command chimera. Picking up the master vox inside he addressed his waiting troops. “Men, we are about be thrown into battle once more against our fellow man. Remember that in battle there is no room for hesitance or doubt. Do not let your compassion cloud your mind or we will fail and there will no hope of liberating this planet from the corrupt Lords of Terra. No chance to bring the people of this world into the Empire where they can work for the Greater Good instead of laboring endlessly to fatten the coffers of evil governors who care nothing for their peoples troubles. In the name of the Emperor we shall lead these people out of the shadows and into the light of the Empire where they will be able to worship Him without the fear of tyranny or Inquisition. For the Greater good! For the Emperor!” Cheers echoed in the steel hull of the chimera as he finished.

Captain Rastalan leaned over grinning and whispered, “No way you made that up on the fly, you planned it out ahead of time”. With a chuckle Drakon replied, “Your just jealous because you’re a boorish jerk lacking any knowledge of how to spark the hearts of men”. “Aha trying to change the subject a sure sign of guilt,” Rastalan retorted. Both men laughed though the mood turned grim again as soon as they looked out at the advancing marines only a minute away now.
With a silent prayer to the Emperor for the souls of the men on both sides who were about to die he waited for the advancing column to reach the stand of trees.

Battle Report continued in next post as I went over the 20,000 character limit.
When you wish upon a star, your wish may come true. Unless that star is a meteorite hurtling towards the earth. In that case you're just screwed; unless you wished for death by meteorite.
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Default Re: Gue'vassa Imperial Guard vs. Space Wolves Narrative Batrep

Here's the rest.

Turn 1 Gue’vassa
Rune Priest Sven Ironclaw looked out the hatch of the rhino at the checkpoint. Strange that there would be that many guardsmen at a simple checkpoint and also the presence of the Leman Russ was odd. Why weren’t rushing to defend the chapel? As the rhino neared a large stand of trees he was able to see a second Russ on the far side of the command post. What was going on? His questions were answered with the closest Russ opened fire blowing apart six of the leading bloodclaws. Chimeras drove out from behind the hill and command post gunning down several more. Looking to the sides he saw small squads breaking cover and running towards the column.

Turn 1 Space Wolves
“Advance!” yelled Sven as the blood claws regrouped and the rhino sped forward towards the checkpoint. Ducking back inside the hatch he rapidly took stock of the tactical situation. He quickly rattled of orders to the stunned column, “Brother Kiel, take out the squad on the right. Brother Yarin destroy the squad on the left then flank that Russ. Everyone else provide covering fire. Slay the traitors in the name of the Emperor!” He saw Brother Kiel’s Grey Hunters moving and firing on the carapace armored traitors but didn’t see any of them drop. “For Russ!” Brother Yarin’s squad screamed as their bikes rushed towards the guardsmen running towards the column. Bolters blazing the bikers closed in on the traitors, felling one.

Turn 2 Gue’vassa
Drakon watched from his chimera’s turret as the Whirlwind moved to the side of the tank traps and out of his sight. Lascannon and missiles flew at his lines from the marines and squad 1’s chimera lurched to a stop as it took a direct hit from the Long Fangs. “Squad 2 move to support squad 4 and take out that Whirlwind,” he ordered. Plasma streaked from squad 5 into the approaching rhino blowing it apart in a series rippling explosions. “Take out the survivors!” Drakon yelled as he brought the heavy stubber into line and spraying the surviving Blood Claws with a hail of bullets. Hellgun and plasma shots from squad 1 quickly joined his as shot after shot ripped into the billowing smoking. The Ogryns chimera drove past squad 3 and unloaded. Vezdrog’s augemented brain raced as he poked his head around the hull of the chimera. Spying a group of footslogging Grey Hunters through the smoke the chimera was discharging, he blasted one down his ripper gun while ordering his squad to form up on him. Sergeant Grelf of 4th squad charged his squad towards the rapidly approaching bikes. One of the screaming Blood Claws was incinerated by a meltagun blast while more shots whizzed around the bikers. Out of the corner of his eye he saw 2nd squad’s chimera drive up behind his men and unload.

Turn 2 Space Wolves
Squad 3 was caught out in the open as rockets whistled down and exploded in their midst with deadly accuracy. Brother Kiel smiled grimly as the Ogryns were showered with shrapnel from the shells. “Don’t assault them,” he yelled at his Grey Hunters as they drew their blades in preparation. “We have to support the Blood Claws,” he ordered as his men complied and ran past the Ogryns, not pausing as the rapid fired their bolters into the squad downing two of the already wounded beasts. Flat down in the wreckage of the Rhino with the rest of his squad Sven Ironclaw summoned a blinding flurry of driving snow as he screamed into his comm for support. “Take out that damn chimera its got us pinned here,” he bellowed as heavy bolter and multi-laser rounds stitched their way through the smoke and snow towards his position.

Firing round after round from the pintle mounted heavy stubber Drakon felt a tingle at the back of his mind. Recognizing the sensation he yelled out his warning even as he jumped from the turret. Two seconds later a krak missile flew from the column, impacting the chimeras fuel cells. The tank erupted in blossoming fireball that washed over the ducking members of 5th squad in a wave of blazing heat and flame. Major Thanar rolled back onto his feet and sprinted to the rear of the chimera as lascannon shots flew by slamming into the Russ and knocking its crew to the floor. As he rounded the smoldering tank he watched Captain Rastalan tending to a moaning trooper. Turning his head the captain said, “The others are fine. I’m just glad his flamer tanks didn’t go off. Now, help me him into cover”. Nodding Drakon help lift the burned trooper and carry him into some bushes behind the command post.

Brother Yarin and the other biker raised their meltaguns and snapped off shots that went wide as they roared past 2nd squads chimera. Turning to assault the four-man squad he howled with victory as a blast of super-heated plasma incinerated over half the squad unloading from the transport, send the survivors fleeing away. Gunning his engines he charged at the sergeant leading the squad.

Jumping aside Sergeant Grelf parried the screaming Blood Claws over extended blow and slipped a slice at the torso of the marine, which glanced off the armor. Around him the other Gue’vassa fought the other biker to a standstill.

Gue’vassa Turn 3
Sergeant Tanik of 5th squad directed his squads fire into flurry of snow and smoke surrounding the survivors from the destroyed rhino. He couldn’t confirm any kills but the immense volume of plasma and hellgun shots pouring into the convoluted mess of acrid smoke and snow from 1st and 5th squads must be hitting something. Russ 2’s battle cannon fired a shell into the area and the storm abruptly ceased. Peering over the lip of the pillbox into the dissipating smoke he saw only the broken bodies of marines strewn about the wreckage of the rhino.

Bellowing with rage and blasting away with their ripper guns the Ogryns slammed into the Grey Hunters. Brother Kiel desperately dodged and parried the blows of a charging Ogryn. To his left Brother Gravick has bludgeoned to the ground by a particularly massive Ogryn whose skull was disfigured by multiple surgical implants. Another Grey Hunter was gunned down and trampled into the dust under the weight of the charging Ogryns.

Second squad’s chimera snapped off a few ineffective shots at the Whirlwind as it circled around behind it. The Ogryn’s chimera drove towards the Long Fangs its heavy flamers scouring the ground in front of them but not reaching the marines.

Sergeant Grelf ducked a blow from the Blood Claw’s chainsword. He was hitting repeatedly but couldn’t seem to penetrate that damn power armor. Beside him the other biker slashed Trooper Merklin across the chests. Shrieking in agony and bleeding profusely he fell screaming to the ground. “Stand Fast! Stand Fast! He bellowed and his remaining troopers held their ground.

1st squads chimera moved between the two pillboxes, effectively blocking the road.

Space Wolves Turn 3
The Space Wolves heavy weapons erupted from their lines. The Whirlwind’s missiles streaked onto squad 1 as they crouched on the hill, blowing apart more than half the squad. The survivors scrambled franticly in search of cover. Lascannon after lascannon struck the front of Russ 1 scoring and blistering the frontal armor but failing to penetrate. The crew was just picking themselves up from the last blast when they were knocked flat again by plasma blasts against the rear armor from the scouts who were sprinting towards them.

“Stratin, get him out of here!” Sergeant Grelf yelled as pointing at the bleeding form of Trooper Merklin who had now lapsed into unconsciousness. He looked back just in time to duck below a shrieking chainsword. Growling with rage he threw himself back into the fight.

Ducking in and out to avoid the clumsy swings of the Ogryn attacking him, Brother Kiel sliced at it repeatedly with his chainsword delivering several stinging blows that had little apparent effect. The massive claw that slammed into the beast a moment later with a sickening splatter had a markedly larger impact sending the broken Ogryn flying into the ruins. Cheered on by Brother Kiel’s remaining two Grey Hunters, the Venerable Dreadnaught rampaged into the rest of the Ogryns. Its power claw smashed right through their pitiful defenses leaving two more as bloody corpses. Vezdrog rolled underneath the blow from the dreadnaught and came up fighting as Brother Kiel and his Grey Hunters rushed at him. The circling Grey Hunters stabbed and slashed him repeatedly and he was covered in deep, bleeding cuts. His vision swimming with loss of blood he bellowed with rage and pain. As Brother Kiel darted in, slashing with his keen edged sword, Vezdrog’s meaty hand darted out and caught the whistling blade. Ignoring the agony as the razor sharp edge dug into his hand he leaped forward and crashed into Brother Kiel, crushing him into the dust under his massive frame. The blackness creeping into his vision overwhelmed him as Vezdrog faded into unconsciousness.

Gue’vassa Turn 4
Sergeant Tanik and his men fired on the three Blood Claws charging their pillbox. Hissing plasma melted through the chests of two and Tanik dropped the third with a hellgun shot to the face.

Multi-laser blazing 2nd squads chimera moved behind the Whirlwind. The first shot blew off the turret and the second took out the tracks. The Ogryn’s chimera drove at the Long Fangs, fire blazed out from its twin heavy flamers incinerating two of them.

Dodging a slicing chainsword, Sergeant Grelf battered aside a blocking arm yelling “For the Emperor” at the top of his lungs he stabbed his sword through the weak neck plate and out the back. Twisting the sword he completely severed the marine’s head.

Shouts and the hiss of plasma alerted Major Thanar to the scouts charging the Leman Russ. His command squad charged after him releasing gouts of flame that fried two scouts before he reached them. A point blank bolt pistol shot hit Trooper Firdar in the chest plate knocking him to the ground. The other trooper with a flamer took a face full of plasma, leaving only a blackened stump. Finding himself surrounded Drakon desperately spun his force weapon in sweeping strokes to parry the scout’s attacks. Captain Rastalan and Trooper Relf charged in. Taken from behind two of the circling scouts were crushed by Rastalan’s powerfist.

Space Wolves Turn 4
Rolling on the ground to put of the flames, the two remaining Long Fangs tried to shoot the chimera bearing down on them, but the lascannon went wide and the krak missile failed to penetrate the frontal armor.

The Razorback destroyed Russ 1 despite the protection of the pillbox. The Venerable Dreadnaught stomped forward firing with its lascannons blowing 1st squads chimera back several yards, its smoking hull still blocking the main path.

Sergeant Grelf and Brother Yarin traded blows that glanced off each other’s armor.
Captain Rastalan backhanded one scout who flew three feet before he landed. Stepping over the broken moaning form he punched the last scout in the chest, smashing bones and organs to a pulp.

Gue’vassa Turn 5
The Ogryn’s Chimera rumbled forward and charred the last two Long Fangs. 2nd squads chimera started advancing back towards the checkpoint while firing at the surviving Grey Hunters. Heavy Bolter, multi-laser, and heavy stubber rounds streaked up the field killing one of the two remaining Grey Hunters. The command squad ran through a gap between the wrecked chimera and the hill to crouch behind the pillbox. Sergeant Grelf and Trooper Ritian were unable to would Brother Yarin as their blows either glanced of his armor or hit the bike.

Space Wolves Turn 5
Turning its turret around as it drove towards the checkpoint, the Razorback blew up the Ogryn’s chimera. The Venerable Dreadnaught and the sole survivor of Brother Kiel’s squad advanced towards the checkpoint.

Gue’vassa Turn 6
Russ 2 blasted the Razorback 5 feet into the air. It landed several yards away streaming smoke and flame as fuel cells and ammo caught fire. Amazingly four of the passengers were able to crawl out with only minor injuries.
Running out from behind the cover of the pillbox, Trooper Relf fired his meltagun from the hip, blowing the leg off the venerable Dreadnaught. See that the Dreadnaught was about to right itself and resume firing, Captain Rastalan snapped off a shot from his plasma pistol that knocked the Dreadnaught back to the ground and blinded it.

Space Wolves Turn 6
Coughing on smoke and stumbling out of the wrecked Razorback, Brother Wulfcan crouched and surveyed what was left of the column. The Venerable Dreadnaught appeared to still be functioning but it was lying flat on its back and unable to fire. Only four other Grey Hunters were left alive as they scurried to find cover from the incoming plasma and hellgun shots. Everyone else was dead.

Drakon charged into the remaining Grey Hunters. He lowered his honor blade like a spear and disemboweled the first Grey Hunter, the force weapon easily slicing through power armor and flesh. Freeing his weapon he parried a blow from the next Space Wolf. Rolling under the next blow he swung his honor blade around in a circle, cutting the Grey Hunter off at the shins. Finishing off the shrieking marine he watched as Captain Rastalan crushed a Grey Hunter with his powerfist and Trooper Relf incinerate another with his meltagun. The last Grey Hunter charged at him from the side firing off a shot with his bolt pistol that impacted his carapace armor with a painful thud but failed to penetrate. Bringing his own bolt pistol into line he fired as fast as he could into the charging marine. Shot after shot deflected off the power armor until one found a week point in the neck plate, blowing a fist sized hole in the armor. The marine slumped to the ground his lifeblood pumping out of his neck as he bled out on the ground in seconds.

Major Thanar surveyed the destruction, seven new hulks burned across the field and the cries of the wounded echoed across the field.

Sergeant Grelf with Troopers Stratin and Ritian approached from behind the stand of trees supporting several wounded men. Survivors from 3rd and 2nd squad filtered in. Sergeant Tanik quickly began setting up a med station inside the command post while Trooper Relf radioed for medical teams. Sergeant Grelf walked up to Drakon and reported, “One of the bikers got away sir, and we’ve got more wounded back there.”

Nodding Drakon gestured at Trooper Stratin, “Grab four men and come with me”. A minute later they were rumbling along in second squad’s chimera. They reached the spot where second squad had been hit with a plasma cannon and Drakon blanched at the hideous burns covering the bodies as they loaded one man who was still clinging to life. Gruesome burns covered the lower half of his torso and the skin on his face was peeling as if he had been badly sunburned. Moving past shattered monuments and burning trees they arrived at the site of the close combat between the Ogryns and Grey Hunters. Most of the Ogryns had been killed instantly by the dreadnaught; Drakon recognized the body of Vezdrog by the distinctive implants on his skull. Rushing over and checking for a pulse he realized the Ogryn was still alive. He shouted for the rest of the team and they were able to drag the massive Vezdrog into the rear of the chimera. Moving back over to where Vezdrog had fallen he knelt next the body of the marine who had been crushed underneath the Ogryn. As he took of the Space Wolf’s helmet to check for a pulse Brother Kiel’s eyes flickered open, he tried to speak but one of his lungs was crushed and he couldn’t get enough air so all that came out was an incoherent whisper. Looking the marine in the eye Drakon said solemnly, “You have fought with honor and will be treated with respect as a prisoner. Rest and heal your wounds now.” One of the other Grey Hunters was also still alive and both marines were loaded into the chimera. Further search found a trooper from squad three sitting slumped against a ruined monument. His leg a mess blood and bone he sat in shock staring off into space. Carefully carrying him back to the chimera they drove back to the command post where medical teams had arrived.

Wandering through the ranks of wounded Drakon ran into Sergeant Grelf who was carrying a power axe. “Where did you get that,” he asked pointing at the axe. “Picked it up off one of one of those guys out there by the rhino. Fine piece of work isn’t it.” Grelf replied. Nodding Drakon continued his circuit of the wounded.

Gazing once more across the devastated park Drakon again vowed to rebuild it after all this was over, if he was still alive then.

Closing Comments
My plan for this battle was to have 3rd and 4th squads come in from the sides and try to distract a few of his units from the objective and if they could kill something with their meltaguns, so much the better. I was hoping that the Ogryns would be able to take out the Grey Hunters and they probably would have if the Venerable Dreadnaught hadn’t showed up. 2nd squad was hit with a plasma cannon and fled off the board before they could do anything. Overall I’d say that the distracting units did pretty well. The Ogryns held up the Grey Hunters a turn and made the dread turn around and come back to help even though they were destroyed. Sergeant Grelf and squad four held up the bikers the whole game, which helped. The chimeras were really effective when they got loose in my brothers heavy weapons. All the distractions made it so his assault came in piecemeal in nice small groups that the storm troopers could easily take down before they got into assault range. Major Thanar, my sanctioned pysker, was a bit of a disappointment. Despite having four attacks, I was completely unable to hit anything with him.

My brother’s only comment was that Venerable Dreadnaughts completely rule in hand to hand, this was the first time he has every managed to get it into hand to hand combat.
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Default Re: Gue'vassa Imperial Guard vs. Space Wolves Narrative Batrep

whyu do you have 2 5th squads?
yes, that is me in the pic.
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Default Re: Gue'vassa Imperial Guard vs. Space Wolves Narrative Batrep

whyu do you have 2 5th squads?
Ooops, typo. There are a number of them in this. Fixed it.
When you wish upon a star, your wish may come true. Unless that star is a meteorite hurtling towards the earth. In that case you're just screwed; unless you wished for death by meteorite.
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Default Re: Gue'vassa Imperial Guard vs. Space Wolves Narrative Batrep

Great Battle Report. +1 Karma for you.

Sure, feel free to post the other one you have.
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Default Re: Gue'vassa Imperial Guard vs. Space Wolves Narrative Batrep

That was great! Yeah, this encourages me to post my SW battle report... someday. :

Anyway, excellent work.
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