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Conscripts question
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Old 03 Aug 2005, 00:38   #1 (permalink)
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Default Conscripts question

What are they? tell me fluff wise please because I've heard alot about them but don't know what they are.
(sorry if I sound stupid I just needed to know)
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Default Re: Conscripts question

Basically to put it simply they are either new recruts, soldiers with very little experience, and planetry militia.
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Default Re: Conscripts question

kids with guns that havent seen much battles
yes, that is me in the pic.
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Default Re: Conscripts question

Are they the guys with the white line going down thier helmets?
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Default Re: Conscripts question

Yes.. in the codex they have white lines on there helmets..
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Default Re: Conscripts question

Conscripts are, as their names implies, conscripted soldiers from their homeworld. They have such a poor stat line to show that they are soldiers nearing their training, but not there yet. They could also be a youth army from a heavily militarised world, as is the case with Cadia.

A long time ago Whiteshields, as they were known, were the last stage of training for an army. 'Green' soldiers is a good phrase to describe them, IMO.
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