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First ever IG list 2000
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Default First ever IG list 2000

Its lightly fluffy and semi competitive(I don't mind losing but who wants to lose?) Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

-Company Command Squad 2000
--Officer of Fleet

-Platoon Command Squad
--Melta Bombs
-Infantry squad
---Power weapon
--Krak Grenades
-Infantry squad
---Power weapon
--Krak Grenades
-Infantry squad
-Infantry squad
-Infantry squad
--Auto Cannon
Mortar team
Mortar team
Auto cannon team
Auto cannon team
Auto cannon team

-Storm TroopersX10
--Power Sword

Fast Attack
-Devil Dog SquadX2
-Scout Sentinal SquadX3
--Multiple rocket pods

Heavy Support
-Colossus Siege Mortar
-Leman Russ
--Heavy Stubber
-Leman Russ Demolisher

What everything does depends on the game type and army Im playing against but the "base" strat that can be deviated from is as follows

The HQ is there for orders and to draw fire from my other units, it will be behind my two joined 20 man guard squads to get a cover save. I did not put weapons in the squad (even though its bs 4) because I intend for it to draw fire and use the body guards and the cover save to keep it alive. PCS does the same.

The 2, 20 man slogging infantry forces are there to capture objectives in the middle/towards my side of the board. In KP they will most likely sit in area terrain.

The basic infantry squad in the chimera can be used to sit on a rear objective or to rush out to a close one and become a mobile bunker after that perhaps trying to pot shot a transport(this squad I have the least confidence with and am most willing to change)

The mortar teams are there for indirect pinning fire with "bolter" 3" templates. They are there to be annoying, to draw attention, and make my opponent move slower. All while likely getting more kills than a normal squad.

The auto cannons are for anti transport/walker and for anti heavy infantry. The basic plan for the HWT's would be to set them up as such:

Melta vets fly in the Valkyrie and are there to pop tanks if nessisary or to capture a far off objective(mathhammer tells me they kill MEQ as easily as with flamers, 15 extra points for anti tank is a bargain.)

Stormies will likely infiltrate into a piece of area terrain next to a objective in the middle. I believe they are highly underestimated. They get 2 attacks in close combat, are great at slowing down the enemy and ignore 3+ saves. This is a godsend imo for imperial guard. No, heavy weapons because im taking them for the hot shots, I dont think they should be taken otherwise. If they and my valk are alive after the vets have been dropped off, I may pick up the stormies and support the vets behind enemy lines as the rest of my army should be where the stormies were by that time.

The ratlings are there for the same reason as the storm troopers but will be played slightly differently. Instead of infiltrating into the middle, I will most likely do it off to the side or into terrain closer to my edge, they have good range on them and they get a good cover save, no reason to put them into the face of the enemy. Rending is another godsend for IG imo.

The Devil Dogs are in the army to take out AV 14, lighter vehicles and heavy infantry in priority order. They are "fast" and can be devastating with their combined firepower.

The sentinels will be used differently depending on the mission. Should it be kill points I will likely out flank and pick off transports rear armor or straggling infantry. If its objective based I will walk them in front of my slogging infantry granting them cover saves so my enemy has to bring them down before they can get at my softies.

I chose the Valkyrie because I figured the anti infantry power in it is amazing and it gives it a more "attack helicopter feel. If armor must be taken down I have melta vets inside so I don't feel the need for lascannons.

Colossus brings indirect pain on anything that is left behind in the enemy army. No cover saves and ap 3 is amazing IMO. It can touch almost the entire table except for its minimum range.

The normal Russ will be used as needed, it is a undeniable true battle tank and will be able to move 6" and fire all of its weapons every turn. Anti anything I want other than av 14 and 2+ saves

The Last choice was a little bit harder for me, I knew the huge advantage of having a Demo Cannon on a russ, as you can touch just about anything you want too, since you can move 6" and shoot it. But there were all the other russ variants in my face. I was really toying around with the vanquisher Idea even though reviews I have found on it were harsh. It would average 3 dead tanks of what ever size a game and be hard as nails to kill. Still, once I decided my real weakness was the 24" range that my Colossus cant fire in, the amazing solution to put a 24" doom template next to it made so much sense. Should need arise I can always move the tank, its a beastly Russ anyway, and my Colossus will be safely packed behind a building.

I plan on modeling all of my Ratlings as Tallarn snipers, my basic infantry as Cadian shock troops, My melta vets as Ellisians, my special weapons as Cadians(do to price mostly) and i'm debating if I should use storm trooper's or kasrkins as my Stormies... I do prefer plastic and I think they storm troopers have cooler looking guns(vs hellguns) but kasrkins look like they are as armored as a normal human can be and thats sorta fun in itself.

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Just read this and then realised you have answered all your own doubts, looks quite similar to the first list i drafted but i now prefer the Vet approach rather than the Stormtroopers. Basically now i have a squad of Kaskrin i never use - but you gotta love tose Devil Dogs
"Stand a man in front of a fire and he'll be warm for a minute, but stand him in front of my Hellhound and he'll be warm for the rest of his life" - Sgt C.R.Nyberg, Damocles Rapid Assault Force.
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