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Is a 2nd Manticore 1 too many?
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Question Is a 2nd Manticore 1 too many?

I'm currently rewriting my list to include some more high strength, long range weaponry one of which was a 2nd Manticore as being able to carpet bomb hordes and tanks with up to 6 sgt 10 templates a turn really sounds nice, plus there is the benefit of both Manticores being able to cover one another's vulnerable 24 min range radius.

However my Manticore has both good and bad days and I'm concerned if adding a 2nd will really be worth it, this is due to a game yesterday when I only fired 4 templates 3 of which scattered.

The alternative options are...
A Medusa with a enclosed crew department to give me some long range anti-meq/armour. Plus invest in some heavy bolters for the 2nd vendetta or a 4th meltagun for the command squad.
Or a Leman Russ Demolisher with Heavy Flamer.

What do you think?

Also here is the rest of what I'm looking to field, but lets keep on the subject of 2nd manticore as it's the only part thats in question.

82 Command Squad: Bolt Pistol & 3x Melta Guns
55 Chimera: Heavy Flamer

X3 155 Veteran Squad: 3 Meltaguns
55 Chimera: Heavy Flamer

115 Veteran Squad: 3 Plasmaguns
55 Chimera: Heavy Flamer
100 Veteran Squad: 3 Meltaguns(In the first vendetta)

130 Vendetta
140 Vendetta: Heavy Bolters
135 Banewolf: Heavy Flamer & Smoke Launchers

160 Manticore: Heavy Flamer
150 2 Hydras
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