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Metal Gear Solid Guard?
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Lightbulb Metal Gear Solid Guard?

Long time no post. Just getting back into the hobby now that i have a stable income. :P

I don't know if any of the Tau onliners are metal gear solid fans, or have played metal gear online, But i think a guard army based off a MGS private military corporation would be alot of fun to play/model.

Im going to be using karskin models almost exclusively becuase they are my favorite model in the entire GW range, so i come to you with this.
any ideas for a storm trooper heavy army? (or atleast one that can use alot of ST models?)
Anyone seen any good bits to work as berrets? or any good green stuffed ones? ( all seargents will have red berrets and zombie face paint)

also, going to be using Marbo as snake
so if you can think of any snake look alikes that could be mocked up, i'd appreciate it. I couldnt think of any.
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Kroot Shaper
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Hi Forge World have some Guardsmen with Respitators, and they look pretty much like Karskin Stormtroopers, so you could "say" it was them, and then you could have a lot of them in your amry, your choice, but i like your idea!
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