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Looking to start up an imperial guard army
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Kroot Warrior
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Default Looking to start up an imperial guard army

I've always had a fondness for the imperial guard, they seem like the varied, realistic core to the fanastic 40k universe, and as such my comeback forray to tabletop gaming will be with them.
I've had many ideas on regiments i would like to create, including specialist urban fighters, regal drop regiments and tough down to earth guardsmen. However i feel like all these ideas have been explored.
Therefore i'm going to combine them

As i havnt played or even looked at the rules in a long time, would it be possible to have a fun, tactically diverse drop army that has certain traits for urban fighting? As i recall there was special rules for I.G., but as i say it's been a while.
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Default Re: Looking to start up an imperial guard army

In the codex you can take valkries and drop veterans out of them, i would assume that is what you're looking for. if not then i don't know.
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I know I will be getting a battleforce, im just working on a low budget and want suggestions for a small (maybe 500-1000 point) army. And i really do not know much about the guard, i just bought the codex today. I also have space marines-blood angels, and tau.
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An airborne imperial guard army is not the way to go if your cash supply is limited, as the valkyre flyers that form your basic transport/hard hitting guns element are about 40 each, though if you can afford it such lists can be very effective.

At 1500 points you can easily have roughly 6 Vendetta gunships, each packing 3 twin linked las cannons and carying infantry of your choice. Ammusing to see what happens to tanks on that table. Also woth noting that they have scout, meaning they can out flank, and that they dont have to land for your units to disimbark.
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