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Vox-caster range
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Default Vox-caster range

So I looked through the I.G. codex top to bottom, left to right, and it is very unclear about order range with vox-casters. What I mean is, when you issue an order to a squad, do you have to check 12 inches (unless stated otherwise) to issue the order? Or can you be out of range, just yell at the squad through radio. Again, the codex said nothing, and I assure you that I checked.
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Default Re: Vox-caster range

The range of the vox-caster is the same as the range of whatever officer is shouting orders. The ONLY benefit of having vox-casters is that you can reroll a failed order check. This is why I never bother to include them in my lists anymore. It makes no sense that your command range isn't extended when you have guys with giant backpacks full of communications equipment talking to each other.
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Default Re: Vox-caster range

I'm not a huge IG player but in the few times I've dabbled in the codex, often via Inquisition Allies, I've found them very useful. LD8 only gets you so far. Of course, Heavy Weapon Squads can't take them AND lack a Sergeant, and that LD7 is particularly painful.

Fluff-wise, it'd be kind of weak for Imperial Guard to not maintain vox-equipment even on their squads without the Vox-caster upgrade - this isn't the 17th century. In fact, if I remember correctly, every helmet (at least for Cadians; other regiments would likely maintain similar devices)) has an earpiece for receiving orders and communicating with squadmates. The vox-caster is just particularly heavy-duty and makes the orders clearer and less likely to be misinterpreted.
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