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Marauder and Marauder destroyer turrets
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Marauder and Marauder destroyer turrets

How do the turrets work? because one of the turrets on the top of the aircraft so cannot hi the ground. do they have some rules of any kind against flyers?

Need answers because I am thinking of buying one.
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Default Re: Marauder and Marauder destroyer turrets

According to IA vol1 during the shooting phase you may fire all weapons at once as per normal 40k rules with the exception that nothing blocks LOS between it and the target this works both ways if the target fires back. I think the only weapon it couldn't fire at ground targets would be the dorsal turret as it doesn't have a negative elevation
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Marauder and Marauder destroyer turrets

That's why you would circle the battlefield ... so that turret could theoretically hit the ground targets. If you had a pan/tilt stand, they could do it.

Seriously, AC-130H spectres did this (circle-strafe broadside).

Otherwise, they are both superheavies, so can fire weapons at different targets. There is no mention of them being AA, though, so they'd be crap as fighter defense.
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