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Equipping my CCS/PCS, issuing orders, etc?
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Default Equipping my CCS/PCS, issuing orders, etc?

I was looking through my guard codex trying to figure this out, but don't know if I'm understanding it correctly. The way I see it is I can get a CCS, and basically equip it with a medic, vox caster, and 2 special weapons. Am I correct in that? Or am I allowed to equip my medic, and vox caster with special weapons as well or are they stuck with lasguns? Obviously same question applies to my PCS as well.

The order "Incoming" follows the same rules as all other rules as in they have to be issued in the shooting phase correct?

Kind of embarrassing, but I don't totally understand how bodyguards operate in there description. Do I have to allocate the wound to the bodyguard, or does he act like an old medic so to speak and just soak up a wound that would have been cycled to my CCS leader guy?

I'm correct in thinking I can issue orders from a transport, but never to soldiers within a transport?

Looking through upgrades for the CCS, it looked like I could replace my lasgun and/or las pistol for a bunch of stuff. Might I be able to make a guardsman sergeant with 2 powerfists? Just for some character to my army?
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Default Re: Equipping my CCS/PCS, issuing orders, etc?

To my understanding, a guardsman can take either a voxcaster/medipack or a special weapon. Not both.

Yep, they have to be issued in your shooting phase. Good for when you need to hold onto an objective in cover.

The way I see it, you allocate the wound to your Company Commander, and he fails his saves, the bodyguard takes the wound instead.


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Default Re: Equipping my CCS/PCS, issuing orders, etc?

The body guard works by this;

Enemy rolls to hit and to wound, say you have a Commander, 4 vets and a bodyguard. They get 6 wounds you must allocate 1 to each, however before svaing throws are made all the wounds that would have been allocated to the commander can be allocated to the bodyguard instead.
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Default Re: Equipping my CCS/PCS, issuing orders, etc?

I believe a few metal miniatures have right-handed powerfists and a few have left-handed ones. It'll take a little bit of hacking to get them off, though.

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