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To start the IG
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Default To start the IG

Alright. For as long as I've played 40k, Ive played Tau. I've grown pretty comfortable with the highly mobile, cover dependant force that I have.

Recently though, I started looking through the IG codex, and have found them very intriguing. So I pose the question, what is the best way to start off an IG force?

Looking through the codex I've been wondering if you can run a Mech IG, similar to a Mech Tau force, using troop transports to move your firepower where you need it. But every IG force Ive played seems to rely on a static fireline (granted, I havent played many good players). But if a Mech force would work, what would be the best way to do it?
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Default Re: To start the IG

According to everything I have read on the matter, mechanized Guard is one of the best types of armies period. Mechanized Veterans in chimeras or Valkyries/Vendettas are quite nice. Using the "flying" vehicles makes your army into Air Cavalry, and is very popular it seems.

And no matter what, vehicles are your friends. Take them, love them, raid death from across the board with them.
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Default Re: To start the IG


Mech/Air Cav IG is currently one of the most brutal armies possible to play at the moment. 15 powerful vehicles at 2500 is not impossible. check out the current thread called Leaf Blower IG to see this style of list in its most refined form.
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Default Re: To start the IG

Since you are used to mechanized tau you will be very comfortable rolling into IG with a mechanized army rather then a gun line army. corsairmarks is correct about eh effectiveness of mech IG. The strength of IG lies in redundancy and not in upgrades. There are so many good options when it comes to making an IG army that I don't want to brain wash you into just thinking one way, but mechanized is one of the best options.

I am currently switching my IG from gunline (only had 1 transport in 3'rd and 4'th ed, but used drop troops) to mechanized. I'm almost up to 4 Chimeras and 2 Valkyries/vendettas now.

I'd day the biggest benefit of IG for me is the modeling, and background options you have. Your IG can be from any planet in or outside the Imperium. So there is no real right or wrong way to paint IG stuff unless you want to stick with the established background information. Personally I mix it up, I have units from different worlds in my army, it depends on what I feel like modeling up. You could do veteran squads from different worlds, and keep platoons from the same world.

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Default Re: To start the IG

Mech IG won 2009 'ard boyz tournament. Enough said.

Mech IG is everything mech Tau used to be and more. You can present a literal wall of AV12/14 and still have artillery vehicles behind them able to get clear shots.
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