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Default Leviathan

Ok What is this?

Any idea as to size, armaments, defences, abilities?

I was told that one of these in 40k scale would be about 5 times the size of the table.

It just sounds interesting.

Thanks for any Info.
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Default Re: Leviathan

Here's a small wiki entry:


They featured mainly in the old Epic games, they're much, MUCH, MUCH bigger than a Baneblade chassis vehicle. I think for size reference, somewhere between a Warhound and a Reaver titan.

Armaments, I believe consist of a Doomsday cannon, which is a giant Mega Battlecannon, along with a bunch of other lesser armaments like lascannons and heavy bolters. If I'm not mistaken, they have void shields as well.

I know Bell of Lost Souls did a player made Apoc datasheet for it, you'll have to find that on your own though, unless someone else wants to link it (break time is over here at work :P).
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Default Re: Leviathan

I thought you meant the Australian Tournament :P.
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Default Re: Leviathan

I saw a pic of a looted leviathan once - that was a huuuuuuuuuuuge orky contraption.

IIRC it was about 3 baneblades in length...
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