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THinking of starting an IG Army
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Kroot Shaper
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Default THinking of starting an IG Army

well i am thinking about starting an IG army. i need some advice on what to get. i am a person that likes fire lines and i like going very mechanized. any advice would be helpful thanks.
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Default Re: THinking of starting an IG Army

You want mech you will like Guard.

Grab Chimeras. The Chimera can put out more firepower than just about any other transport in the game, and add the unit insides firepower to that, and it can out do many Tanks.

Get Leman Russes and the varients.

Troop can be ferried rapidly in the chimeras, and you can put vets in Valkryes and Vendettas to get you best firepower places quickly.
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Default Re: THinking of starting an IG Army

If you have no problem with your opponenet hating you, mech/bunker guard is the way to go.

Just google IG net list, you'll find the most powerful build in 40k soon enough.
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