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Chenkov's Send in the Next Wave
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Default Chenkov's Send in the Next Wave

First of all, I did search, and didn't find what I was looking for. So, please no "Search for it comments"

Secondly, this may be a moment of pure stupidity. I have looked in the rulebook, and in the codex, and have probably missed something. Please, tell me where to look if I have, and not just say "read the rulebook".

So, playing a game with Chenkov, silly I know, but it was a muck around Valhallan list, I came across to a point where my Ld 5 conscripts ran under fire (Lord Commissar was 13 inches away!), but due to the fact that there wasn't enough room for them all to run 7 inches and not go over friendly models, they were thus destroyed.

My opponent claimed that since I had not actively removed them from play, but instead destroyed them, they could not be used for Send in The Next Wave rule. As an aside, the player was a good sport, and we played RAI with it, but I was stumped by the fact that I couldn't find anywhere where it says a unit destroyed by being trapped is removed from play. They are destroyed, and the models removed from the board, but doesn't actually say anywhere "removed from play". Of course, it makes sense that they are, but I again, couldn't find anything that said a model destroyed is removed from play.

Yes, I am probably missing something here, and in the midst of my cloudy mind, I hope that the IG board wont hold it against me if it is blindly obvious. I mean, I'm just a grunt, and grunts aren't meant to think, are they, sir?

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Default Re: Chenkov's Send in the Next Wave

Hey mate!

Page 45 brudda - Trapped when falling back. If it is trapped while falling back, it is destroyed.

Also, In the description of "sacrificing" i might call it, your squad, counting it as destroyed, which is the same as though they were trapped. When a unit is destroyed, they are removed from play. Even if this wasnt the case, the codex states that you can destroy the unit so it can be brought back. Kind of like a better version of the "without number" rule nids used to have.

Hope this helped mate!

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Default Re: Chenkov's Send in the Next Wave

Well, that is what I was saying, but in that, the cause for being the Conscripts back is that they have to have been removed from play. What my opponent was saying, was that destroyed =/= removed from play. Again, he knew it was bullshit, and didn't play by it, but no where does it say that a unit destroyed is removed from play, just prevented from acting with anything else on the board. Yes the sacrifice of the conscripts does count, but it actually says, "removed from play".

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