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Some Imperial Guard Questions
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Default Some Imperial Guard Questions

I have asked a few questions already to various people and redshirts, but i still have more :P any answers or help from here would be great! Thanks in advance.

Ok, the questions are

1 - If a chimera is in an infantry platoon containing Al'rahem, does it have to outflank if its unit is not going to use it to come on? In normal play it just deploys with the rest of the army, but Al'rahem says "the entire platoon must outflank" So thats a first question.

2 - Can a chimera pop smoke lauchers and still issue orders?

3 - In 4th ed you could fire a pintle mounted weapon as long as you could fire at least 1 non ordanance weapon. In 5th, can you fire a battlecannon, lascannon and pintle weapon? (Since you are able to fire 1 non ordanace weapon *lascannon* already)

4 - Inspired tactics...does this order have to be on the same unit, or on a different unit. I thought because the recieveing unit rolled the double 1 for leadership, it should probably be at them, but a little contradiction states that a single unit may only receive 1 order a turn. If this is the case than another unit nearby automatically passes whatever the extra order is. Can someone please clarify for me what happens?


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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Some Imperial Guard Questions

1) Since the Chimera is purchased with the platoon and is considered a part of it, I think it does outflank as well.

2) Since the Chimera and the Command Squad inside are separate units, yes, the Chimera can pop smoke launchers while the squad inside issues orders.

3) The Lumbering Behemoth rule states that the tank is allowed to fire its main weapon in addition to any other weapons it is normally allowed to fire. So yes, moving at combat speed you can fire your battle cannon, the lascannon and any defensive weapons (this is usually the pintle-mounted weapon).

4) As any squad that executes an order successfully can do nothing more for the duration of that Shooting Phase, the free order would go to another squad. Think of it this way: the squad that gets the free order is inspired by the coordination of the squad that rolled the 1, 1 and carries out the order immediately.
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