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Ordnance Battery
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Default Ordnance Battery

Which unit is better to take in an Ordnance Battery? The Basilisk, Medusa, Colossus or the Griffon.
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Default Re: Ordnance Battery

Originally Posted by 42persons
Which unit is better to take in an Ordnance Battery? The Basilisk, Medusa, Colossus or the Griffon.
There is no "best" option, if that's what you're looking for. It's all situational. The Earthshaker is good for smacking things at the far end of the board; the Colossus, for smacking things that are closer and buckled down in cover; and the Medusa for smacking things it can see, very hard. The Griffin is inexpensive and good for smacking infantry.

Don't rely on any of these exclusively, however, as scatter dice are rather inaccurate, in my experience.
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Default Re: Ordnance Battery

Like LGT said it's pretty much situational. Given that, I generally prefer the Griffon because they are dirt cheap and can re-roll scatter. I have trouble justifying many of the more expensive options as the low armor pretty much means a quick death against most armies. When they cost nearly as much as a LRBT, it's a very tough sell with indirect fire as the main benefit. In my experience there isn't that much terrain that blocks LoS (unless you exclusively play City Fight or something).
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Default Re: Ordnance Battery

The indirect fire has another benefit, and that's having the ordnance rule. It makes it a great tool against vehicles as you won't be hitting the front facing and can hit vehicles that try to get hull down behind something.
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Default Re: Ordnance Battery

I don't go anywhere without my 3 basilisks. i love them, they are caperbale of smashing anything and if its far enough away they cant hide, once they are inside that minimum range you just revert to direct firing and blast them more. for my they are a must have.
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Default Re: Ordnance Battery

With 5th edition's new fetish with cover, I have started using a pair of Colossi over any other variant. They kill any infantry Meq and below, and you don't have to worry about that pesky cover save that even marines get after being slammed by a bassy shot. Medusas are nice, but I have other means of slaughtering terminators/popping tanks. I do take Griffons if I don't have enough pts for the Colossi tho.
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Default Re: Ordnance Battery

I love my basilisk, I sit it in cover pounding marines and other 3+ers and tanks killing them very well. It is often neglected due to the excecutioner and valkyrie plus 3 chimeras on the field at the same time. My cover is phycological.

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Default Re: Ordnance Battery

I don't really see the benefit of a Basilisk over an LRBT. Same AP, and only 1 difference in strength. The game tables just aren't long enough to hide 3 basilisks, I'd rather have the survivability of LRBT's, they keep my HW teams alive by drawing all the fire.
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Default Re: Ordnance Battery

I've never felt the need to field a Basilisk or any other artillery, but I see the benefits.

Right now I'm seriously contemplating obtaining a Manticore. I've proxyd one in a game and it was fun to use, not sure how effective it is though in the long run.
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Default Re: Ordnance Battery

I field as many guardsmen as possible and run them forwards in a meat grinder, I've found it to be fairly successful as few opponents know what to do against so many men except to hole in cover and shoot, which brings me to my next point, an ordinance battery (or two). I used to use a demolisher and a vanquisher with pask but now I'm starting to use two basilisks, a colossus and two regular LRBT's with sponsoon bolters. This is a rock solid heavy support selection with the basilisks killing MEQ or worse saves and the colossus flattening those in cover. My two LRBT's move forward slowly and provide a fall back point for my guardsmen (to hide near) and a lot of offensive firepower.

I've found this combo works very well in large tournament games. My most feared unit is probably my colossus and I find almost all of my enemies anti tank it directed towards it as nothing is scarier than me being able to kill his precious, precious marines... IN COVER (ahhhhhhhggg panic!!!).

I find balance is the key to success. In a take all comers list, never take more than one colossus, they're very selective (and the most expensive of the ordinance options) and are really only good to kill MEQ's in cover. Take more than one basilisk (maybe) these work great in pairs and can put a lot of hurt on just about anything. I also find a LRBT or two to be useful as well as the armour 14 is good to have and they're cheap for the amount of offensive firepower they can provide.

I don't have much experience with either the Medusa or the griffon, the Medusa has somewhat short range (I like to be able to kill things three tables over) and not having indirect fire is somewhat annoying. The Griffon is nice, especially with accurate bombardment, but being AP4 it just doesn't put out the killing power for MEQ's, which I face a lot. Though as the cheapest option you can take two for about the price of one basilisk.

Anyway, that's my two cents,
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