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Kroot Shaper
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Default Astropath


I was just wondering when the Astropath advisors special rule (+1 to reserve roll and so on...) is in effect. The book says: "As long as he is alive..." SO does this mean that he himself actually can be in reserve and still benefit from his effect? And if not - Can he be deployed in a Valkyrie and effect the Reserve rolls then - as it is not a skill that requires line of sight and so on?

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Default Re: Astropath

I don't know if he confers it while in reserve, that's a good question. I would assume he does by the wording of the rules. Yes his ability works while inside transports.
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Default Re: Astropath

The Astropath's ability does, indeed, work whilst in reserves and in a vehicle. Part of the reason why AirCav armies are so deadly. (Un)fortunately, their abilities no longer stack so, at best, you can only every get a 3+ on Turn 2.
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