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Vendettas and New Tyranids
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Default Vendettas and New Tyranids

Having played a few games against the new Tyranid list, I have come to the conclusion that the ability to rapidly kill MCs is more crucial now than ever. This stops Tervigons from pooping out dozens of Termagants and keeps that Carnifex that just podded / Trygon that just tunneled into your deployment zone from wrecking some Leman Russ face next turn. Sure swarms are dangerous now with furious charge and poisoned attacks, but everything in our army can kill swathes of them at a time.

Because of this I think Vendettas have solidified themselves as an absolute, no questions asked, must have in any competitive IG list. The ability to expect 2 no armor save wounds a turn against nasty MCs is too alluring to pass up. The only other real armor that can expect to do so well is a fully kitted out Executioner with plasma sponsons, and those are crazy expensive and lack the mobility of a Vendetta (and still only wound on 3's).

Throw a squad of plasma / melta Vets in your Vendetta and you've got a ready made deterrent against that Trygon / Carni coming at it directly (unless they're going to try to get S6 shots on your rear armor from the pod).

The only con to Vendettas is their relatively low armor, but I find extra armor built in helps them stay survivable. You'll definitely want to keep them away from Zoanthropes, and those podding in close may be problematic.

The supposition here of course is that Nids will make up a significant portion of the meta game, but I expect that will be the case and Vendettas are great against the existing mechanized meta game anyway.

Completely unrelated: I just thought of how effective Psyker Battle Squads could be at making Warp Lance impossible by dropping Zoanthrope leadership to 2. Anyone tried this out yet?
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Default Re: Vendettas and New Tyranids

While I don't like the idea of including a Vendettas in my strictly mechanized army, it's a good thing I have one in the first place. I may have to go out and buy a second one though, for redundancy's sake. So much for those Scout Sentinels...

At any rate, the Psyker Battle Squad would likely be a good counter-measure against Zoanthropes. Watch out for those Deathleapers, though...
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Default Re: Vendettas and New Tyranids

I think the banewolf and devildog will become a more common sight too auto hitting and wounding on a 2+ or blast template of melta will be handy tool to have at your disposal and be quite effective against the hoards the accompany the MCs
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Default Re: Vendettas and New Tyranids

I really like the idea of the Bane Wolf, but realistically against Tyranids if you don't kill everything you're shooting at in 1 turn, it's probably going to die. So, I guess they could maybe get their value back against like Genestealers, but I'd say they're situational at best. Devil Dogs are pretty rock solid. I like running them with a multi-melta so I can potentially put two at least 2 wounds on a highly armored unit.

The problem with both of these is they compete with Vendettas and I abhor vehicle squadrons.
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