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What to add next?
Old 17 Jan 2010, 18:34   #1 (permalink)
Kroot Shaper
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Default What to add next?

I got this:

1 Captain Command unit w. Heavy bolter, Captain got a Powersword.

1 Lieutenant command unit, 4 flamers.
Chimera w. ML, HF and Heavy stubber.

10 guardsmen w. Autocannon

10 guardsmen w. Autocannon

10 Veterans w. Missile launcher and 3 Grenade launchers.

Heavy weapon squad w. 3 Mortars.

Fast Attack:
1 Scout sentinel w. ML.

This turns out to be exactly 500 points...And I can only manage to do small blocks of models at a time so what do I include in the next 250 points/500 points.

Would the following be somewhat useful: 1 Devil Dog w. Chem cannon and Multimelta + Heavy weapon tesam toting 3 lascannons....Or a Executioner....??? Or something completely different?

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Default Re: What to add next?

You need anti-tank. I would recommend either a standard LRBT or a Demolisher. I would put plasmas or meltas on your vets instead of grenade launchers. I would also consider a Vendetta or maybe a Devil Dog (melta cannon, not chem cannon - that's the Bane Wolf).
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Default Re: What to add next?

I agree with what shev has said, personally I think a trio of grenade launchers is a good cheap choice to have and it's very good when the vets are in a chimera and can fire out the hatch on the move. But with foot sloggers would work better when used along side another squad of vets armed more harder hitting weapons.

Personally I don't like sticking heavy weapons in platoon/vet squads if you move you cant fire them. I think heavy weapons squads are better you can screen them with your troops and get them to hang back and use their better range for supporting fire while the troops grab the objectives
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Default Re: What to add next?

First you really need to decide on the type of army you are playing:

Foot slogging
Plenty of infantry backed up with heavy weapon squads and you can get away with a few tanks for support and the odd sentinals. Here your surivivability is with body count. This is very effective particularly against armies that have a low body count as they can't put out enough rate of fire to deal with oevrwhelming numbers.

Personally I love this play style. Everything is either in or is a vehicle so expect plenty of chimeras. Here vets are the word. Platoons mean you have to take alot more chimeras which takes up too many points rather than paying the extra 20 for vets which actually frees those restrictions saving you points. Every vet squad has maxed special weapons so you can pack the most punch per squad as otherwise your paying around 140 points for a lasgun squad. A full flamer vet squad in a valkyrie is nasty buisness as it can drop them off right infront of the enemy and flame them, add in shotguns so you always have the option to assualt survovors if there is only a few. Hellhounds/banewolf/devildog are a common sight but not necessary as are sentinals but if used properly they can be very effective. Leman russes are a must have to make up for the loss of heavy weapons, I take an excecutioner (full plasma) and a basilisk for hard hitting and the bassie for anti-tank.This list provides unparalleled protection for each squad due to the transport at the cost of a (comparitively) low body count compared with footslogging but on par with space marines and other more 'expensive' armies.

There are also other builds such a air cavalry but those are the two main. Nothing is stopping you doing a hybrid with properties from both.
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Default Re: What to add next?

I agree with many of the points above presented by UH, however, I'm going to provide a slight counter-arguement. I typically field Infantry Platoons with Chimeras, rather than Veterans. Each squad with a Meltagun and Chimera is only 110 points (if my math is correct) and while you're investing more points in the Troops section, you come out with a far superior number of scoring units, which will help immensely in objective-based games. It also affords you a kind of redundancy in order to ensure your scoring units are still around at the end of the game.
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Default Re: What to add next?

Originally Posted by Unholy Harbinger
Nothing is stopping you doing a hybrid with properties from both.
Thats what I have been running recently, I stick my vets and My company command in a Chimera and use them to rush forward to objectives or to tie up enemy units while the foot sloggers move into their positions
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: What to add next?

get a Valkyrie. These are awesome. get a squad of storm troops to put in it, give the stormies an additional roll of the scatter dice and you have a squad that can move 24" drop off troops with a better chance of survival and then provide either anti infantry or anti tank support.
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