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The Power Fist.
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Default Re: The Power Fist.

Originally Posted by Aloh´Ta
well that depends if you actually using meltaguns in my case i prefer other weapons to destroy vehicles yes melta is fine when you are facing LR but when your enemy got only light armour then melta is waste in my point of view but get back to the fist
The point is that there are myriad better options in our codex for taking out light armor than an expensive combat weapon on a frail guy that has to run the gauntlet and actually catch the vehicle.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: The Power Fist.

ok got your point but seriously can power sword save you more than fist? i dont think so ;D in many cases you´re already dead and fist is just back up for poping this type of things ;D
Originally Posted by Guitardian

I think they look like an army of little well armed incredible-hulks. Just my first impression.
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Default Re: The Power Fist.

for assaulting a vehicle I'd rather invest in Krak Grenades or melta bombs over a single power fist
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Default Re: The Power Fist.

I never use power fists, Str 6 and they are brutally expensive for what else you could buy, special weapons, krak grenades, or heavy weapons. I don't blob up my guard, so if they enter CC I prefer them dead, at least I can shoot my opponent during my turn to little bits. >
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Default Re: The Power Fist.

I only have 2 powerfists in my entire army, one in my command squad which intends to get close up and the other on the sergeant in my chimera mounted assault squad, sure it has meltas, meltabombs, a demolition charge and a lascannon, but i just want to be sure the tank dies.
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Default Re: The Power Fist.

I tried a power-fist armed comissar lord for the first time.

He (and a squad of penal legion) took out two space marines from a command squad, and vulkan hes-taan before dying.
The ability to wound on 2+ and ignore armour saves can be crucial against things like terminators, if the guy carrying the fist takes out 2 hes made his points back.
Thats it

Originally Posted by Piedmon
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Default Re: The Power Fist.

I usually give a power fist to one or two of my veteran sergeants with my left over points. I like the power weapon better in marine armies, but with guard against MEQ (my main opponents) having the to wound go from 5+ to 2+ is a huge advantage for me.
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Default Re: The Power Fist.

I don't think the Powerfist is one of the better pieces of equipment out there. Sure it's good when the situation arises. But then you've got to put your model in that situation. As a backup weapon to 'prevent' assaults. I don't see it being very effective.

Yes people look at it and go; "Whoa there!". But for that effect Stormtroops or Vets will give you too. Those are units you certainly don't want being assaulted. So it kind of backfires if you start handing the power of the fist out.

To be honest a Chainsword is good enough a melee weapon. Chuck a powersword in an HQ or elite unit and that is a better deterant.

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