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psyker battle squad - soulstorm power, does it scatter?
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Default psyker battle squad - soulstorm power, does it scatter?

the psyker battle squads main power is the soulstorm which is large blast, but as a psykic power does it scatter like normal or does the blast radiate from the targeted model?

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Default Re: psyker battle squad - soulstorm power, does it scatter?

Unless it says otherwise, blast(s) scatter.

How is it worded, if it's just that doing it?

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Default Re: psyker battle squad - soulstorm power, does it scatter?

Psychic shooting attacks just count as firing a ranged weapon, and they have no special rule saying that it does not scatter, so that means scatter. I suppose that the unconstrained energies of the warp would be just as hard to aim as a grenade launcher or the like, if not harder, so it makes sense in a fluff sense as well.
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Default Re: psyker battle squad - soulstorm power, does it scatter?

I actually had a question pop up with this as well:

Since the strength of the attack is determined by the number of Sanctioned psykers in the squad, if you roll a double-1, will the strength then be the REMAINING number of psykers, or the origional count?
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