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Building a retinue
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Default Building a retinue

Hi all

I know that this may be the wrong place to ask this, but the hobby-section seem to deal only with conversions.

I'm playing a Daemonhunter army, and is currently trying to build a retinue for my "fire-base" inquisitor. Now the only problem is, that the DH figure-range has nothing to represent the different retinue-members, so I thought that IG probably had a couple of figures could use.

What figures (if they exist) would be good to represent:
- Warrior with heavy bolter
- Warrior with Plasma cannon
- Warrior with Multi melta


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Default Re: Building a retinue

Imerial Guard have no infantry option for plasma cannon or multimelta. So, there are no IG models for those outside of vehicles. The models you need are servitors, they come with all three those weapons.

The only exception is Sgt "Harker", "Ox" model from the Last Chancers box set, or a heavy weapon team to get your hands on a guardsman with a heavy bolter.
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Default Re: Building a retinue

Bear in mind that the Warrior Retinue member comes with a 4+ Armour save as standard, and regular Imperial Guard armour, let alone that found on the Harker and Ox models, is not really sufficient to represent this.
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