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Cadian Kasrkin Squad
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Cadian Kasrkin Squad

Now i've been tempted to start a Guard army and was interested in getting a Cadian Kasrkin Squad but whilst looking though the 5th ed codex i couldn't find anything about them, is it me just being blind or do they come under anothe unit type? but anyway, if anyone could enlighten me about this, it would be much aprecietated.
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Default Re: Cadian Kasrkin Squad

They're Storm Troopers, and so come under the unit name of 'Storm Trooper Squad' in the IG 'dex. (Elites Choice) - I know new people to the Guard or even 40k find the name confusing, but no need to worry.

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Default Re: Cadian Kasrkin Squad

yeah it's Stormtroopers mate

fluff-wise, the only difference between the two is 'vanilla' Stroopers are dedicated to the preservation of the imperium, Kasrkins are the same, except to Cadia

personally i think the kasrkin models are SOOOO much better than regular Storm-troopers to boot ;D
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Default Re: Cadian Kasrkin Squad

Strictly, according to the background, Kasrkin are supposed to be Veteran Imperial Guardsmen. They represent well trained and well armed veterans of the regiment they are part of as opposed to Storm Troopers who are recruited from the Schola Progenium, trained up in their own regiment and distributed where needed.

In the two previous editions of Codex: Imperial Guard (bearing in mind that Codex: Eye of Terror preceded the fourth Edition Codex: Imperial Guard by about 6 months, thus counting for the third Edition Codex) Kasrkin were recommended to be represented by Storm Troopers to represent their improved skill, armour and armament. It's gotten to the point that the Kasrkin models are now the de-facto Storm Trooper models.

If you want to stick true to the background of Cadia then you ought to represent Kasrkin as Veteran Squads with the Grenadiers doctrine, but I can understand if you want to take them as a Storm Trooper Squad instead.
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